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Meet Sonali, Mehendi Artist Who Runs Her Own Business

From applying block mehendi at Juhu beach to starting her own mehendi business, Sonali's journey to success is truly inspiring. 
Published -09 Jun 2021, 11:59 ISTUpdated -09 Jun 2021, 12:16 IST
  • Tanya Malik
  • Editorial
  • Published -09 Jun 2021, 11:59 ISTUpdated -09 Jun 2021, 12:16 IST
sonali mehendi artist success

Some real life success stories can really change the way you look at life and Sonali's story is one such. A mehendi artist by profession, Sonali lives in Kolhapur with her family. She dropped out of school after class 7th because her family didn't have enough money to educate her. Still, today, she lip-syncs to English songs, makes the coolest videos on Instagram and inspires many other women to never stop dreaming. 

This is her story! Her story that will motivate you to work harder towards your goals. 

Sonali has been trending over social media for her lip sync videos and we connected with her, asked her about her journey, and a lot more. Read on. 

How did your journey as a mehendi artist start?

Sonali shared that she had to struggle for long to reach where she is today. She shared that her family didn't have enough money for her education. She studied till 7th because back then the family didn't have to pay for her education up to the 7th standard. Later, when schools started to charge fees, her education was stopped. She shared that through her studies remained incomplete, she always dreamt of doing something big since childhood. Sonali said, "I wanted to learn how to apply mehendi but I didn't have money to join the classes so I started with block mehendi."

"I used to live in Mumbai, a lot of people used to visit Juhu Beach, from celebrities to foreign tourists so my block mehendi work went well." She shared that she also used to learn to speak English from foreign tourists at the beach. 

Did you continue to work after marriage?

sonali mehendi

Sonali got married at the age of 18. She moves to Kolhapur from Mumbai and left behind her block mehendi work. After getting married, she wanted to continue with her work but due to lack of money, she couldn't learn how to apply mehendi. She said, "I could not take any mehendi training because I did not have money. My husband bought me a mobile phone and taught me to use it. I used to see mehendi designs and try them on my hands." She shared that with time, she got a hang of using a henna keep and got to learn many new henna designs. 

What challenges did you face through your journey? 

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A post shared by mehndi artist sonali (@sonali_mehndi)

With time, Sonali shared that her family members started to have issues with her mehendi work. She shared that her mother-in-law and husband supported her to the fullest but other members of the family and neighbours didn't like it and even tried breaking her mobile phone. Sonali also shared how people used to ask her why does she apply so much mehendi everyday and where does she go. She used to cry initially but all this criticism helped her reach where she is today. 

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How much do you manage to earn with your mehendi business?

bridal mehendi sonali

Sonali shared that she also has a stall near a temple in Kolhapur where she sells artificial jewellery. She shares her mehendi skills with each customer who arrives at the stall and shares her number too. "Earlier at festivals, I used to apply mehendi for Rs. 20 or Rs. 50. I applied my first bridal mehendi for Rs. 500 but now I take Rs. 3000 to Rs. 5000 for bridal mehendi." She also shared that whenever she feels that the bride's family doesn't have money to pay for the mehendi, I don't take money from them. She believes that everything should not be done just for money, one should also help others. Let us tell you that Sonali manages to earn Rs. 10000 to 20000 per month.

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What are your plans going forward?

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A post shared by mehndi artist sonali (@sonali_mehndi)

"I am planning to buy a home soon. Along with that, I also plan to increase my work. I am not also learning to do bridal makeup. I am learning it by watching videos on YouTube." Sonali also shared that now she dreams of applying mehendi to Bollywood celebrities. 

Sonali's struggle story is truly inspiring. Tell us your thoughts on her story of dedication and hard work on our Facebook page. For more such stories, stay tuned!




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