International Women’s Day 2019: In Conversation With Richa Singh, CEO Niine

By Tanushree De08 Mar 2019, 15:55 IST

What does it take to be a woman leader? She must battle the stereotypes, she must inspire confidence, and she has to be ready to take on what was quintessentially considered a man’s world. At Her Zindagi, we celebrate the woman leader. Meet our first Boss Lady Richa Singh, who is the CEO of NIINE sanitary brand. With over 20 years of experience, Richa is dynamic, young, and someone you would want to get to know.

Richa Singh – Breaking The Glass Ceiling And Taboos Too

In a society where a women’s place is still thought to be in the kitchen, carving a niche for oneself and getting inside the corporate boardroom is not an easy task. Though we have women CEOs in many established companies, considering a woman at the helm is still a difficult task in the male-dominated corporate arena. For Richa Singh, a mother of twins, the task of balancing her professional life with personal life is nothing but easy. But she still does it with flair. Juggling her roles as a playful and strict mother of two and then as a tough and jovial boss is something that Richa excels at. No wonder then that she has emerged as a woman who has not only broken the glass ceiling but is now breaking taboos in a country like India, where the subject of women’s health still faces a regressive roadblock.

Richa Singh has had successful innings with esteemed brands such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola and Philips. Now, she is at the helm of the operations of Niine, a low-cost sanitary napkin brand and the biggest challenge of her job is to reach out to women in those sections of society who are overwhelmed by high-priced sanitary napkin brands or are unaware of such products in the first place. It’s not every day that a CEO has to make inroads into a space where societal barriers also come into play but then for Richa Singh, it’s all in a day’s work. Today, Niine is known as a brand that led big players in the industry to cut down their prices, thus making the sanitary pads affordable for one and all.

In conversation with Her Zindagi in this video, Richa Singh talks about how her work is not just about generating revenues but also furthering a social cause, challenges she faces as a woman, how she practices tough love and more.