This pandemic has been the ongoing testing time of all human beings and organisations pushing all to prove their mettle. The good and the ugly have all come to the surface when saving lives has been the priority. Who are your friends, who is genuine and the fake, the moochers and the real deal - it has all come out. When some of us least expect from our family itself to come out and help, there have been some good samaritans, some real souls that have helped out and one such great example is this couple. 

This 51-year-old woman who is herself battling for life with her husband trying to keep it afloat, sold one of their crucial financial backups- their gold jewellery to donate oxygen cylinders to others.  

Rozy and Pascal Saldanha gave their own oxygen cylinder to a COVID patient and then bought more to help out eight people by selling their jewellery. They also donated two tonnes of grains and pulses and continue helping people.

The couple lives in the Malvani Church area with their two sons with Rozy being a teacher at St. Xavier’s School, Borivali, Mumbai, and Pascal a well-known decorator in Malvani.

Rozy suffers from a kidney disease. She has been on dialysis for the past five years as both her kidneys have failed. She has slipped into a coma four times and has also suffered a brain haemorrhage. The family has spent more than Rs 2 crore on her treatment and they even had to set up a medical infrastructure at home.

Her husband told media that “Rozy is vulnerable to any infection, so I bought an oxygen cylinder in case we face an emergency amid the pandemic. We also saw many people in our area struggling for food. So we arranged for two tonnes of grains and pulses.”

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In the above post by Viral Bhayani, it is also mentioned that "Ketto approached them to help raise funds. Within days, Ketto has managed to raise over Rs 31.3 lakh.

Pascal has plans to help people who have gone bankrupt after undergoing Covid-19 treatment at private hospitals, which overcharges. He has also planned to purchase 30 oxygen canisters and its kits for donation to the needy".

A few days ago, Pascal heard from his friend that someone's husband from Malvani-based Holy Mother School needed oxygen at home which is when he offered his cylinder right away. He gave away the only cylinder they had kept for Rozy. 

“Without giving it a second thought, Saldanha offered the cylinder which had been kept for his wife. I have never seen such a generous man. Because of his immediate help, the person is better and recovering at home. Meanwhile, we were also hearing about the demand for oxygen,” his friend said.

When Rozy got to know that her oxygen cylinder was missing, she asked Pascal, who told her about the friend suffering COVID-19 and that many such people are in dire need of oxygen. Rozy immediately asked her husband to sell off her gold which could help provide more cylinders for the needy.

The couple got a mere Rs 80, 000 for the jewellery. 

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“We got Rs 80,000 from the jewellery. So far, we have provided oxygen cylinders to seven people, apart from Malik’s husband. One more is left. We are doing whatever we can to help people in need, everyone should do this. Right now, everyone is facing difficulties. If we extend help, it will certainly save someone’s life,” said Saldanha.

“I don’t know how long I will live. I had some jewellery which is of no use. At least selling it has helped someone stay alive," said Rozy.

If you too can, help out as many people you think you can in your way, as much as you can. There are no brownie points of course but I personally believe in Karma and the fact that our loved ones are dying around us. 

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