Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, but it does come with a mom. Being a mom is the most amazing, fascinating, and beautiful experience, yet it can often leave you feeling pretty overwhelmed. From looking after the kids, to keeping things running like clockwork (at home and at work), moms juggle countless responsibilities with amazing dexterity. But most of the time, we have seen that the person who cares for the entire universe lacks care for herself. Rings a bell, right?

The Big Gap In Mom Care

“Moms take care of everything….except themselves! There’s a lot that doctors, movies and social media just don’t tell you when it comes to motherhood (post-partum and beyond) and even your closest friends tend to gloss over the struggles and changes that they go through as they embrace their roles as moms. The minute you deliver, your own focus and everyone else’s shifts to the baby. This often leaves new mothers feeling completely overwhelmed and ill-equipped to deal with the physical, mental, and emotional changes that come with the territory,” says Jhoomer Sinha, the founder of Hea Boosters which makes simple, effective and tasty bite-sized nutrition to make life easier for supermoms everywhere.

When Jhoomer became a mom a couple of years ago she experienced myriad emotional and hormonal changes, (much like any other new mom). She was overwhelmed, exhausted, and also faced a lot of postpartum issues.

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No stranger to feeling lethargic, experiencing hair fall, and putting on weight with the arrival of her first-born, she spent months researching and trying different home remedies and diet formats like paleo, intermittent fasting (IF), keto. In that process I became an avid label reader and nutrition researcher. Every time Jhoomer spoke about problems such as hair fall, weight gain, and other physical and hormonal changes, she realized, she wasn’t alone in this ride. Every mother out there was trying to fight the same battle by herself and yet was completely ill-equipped to overcome it.

Nobody Caters To A Mom's Needs

Jhoomer also realised that while there definitely were a lot of remedies, tips, and tricks for newborn care, nothing of the sort existed for moms. Home remedies were inconsistent and weren’t always reliable. The effects of diets were short-lived and seldom involved food that was tasty and filling. The worst part was that everyone assumed fatigue, struggling to lose weight, exhaustion, poor milk supply, etc were just things that came with the territory of motherhood.

Whenever I shared my frustrations with other mothers, I discovered that I was not the only one. That is when I got obsessed with getting to the root cause of these problems. I took a course for a better understanding of nutrition, researched ingredients, related habits and behaviour, consulted doctors and nutrition experts and started to understand why some things worked and others failed,” she says.

That’s when Jhoomer decided to take matters into her own hands. She had already distilled from her own experience that good nutrition was the key to fixing most of these problems but recognised that most mothers can’t spare the time to do the research and make this happen for themselves.

She teamed up with food scientists, nutritionists, and doctors to discover the right mix of nutrients needed by moms and finally founded Hea Boosters in 2020.

Bite-sized nutritional solutions for every mom Hea boosters are bite-sized nutritional supplements that help mothers don the role of being a superhero with ease. These products are thoroughly backed by science, carefully researched, extensively tested, and specifically formulated to complement the body’s natural chemistry.

Jhoomer has always believed that good health shouldn’t have to be a bitter pill to swallow.

“You’re never going to form a habit of something that is complicated or something you don’t enjoy. Mom’s just don’t have the time for any of that.”

Every Hea product conforms to three principal tenets which come together to create the perfect foundation for a healthy, sustainable habit. They taste great, are simple to consume and carry, and are exceedingly effective.

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Every Mom Is Different

Hea boosters help you embrace that awesomeness and let you be any kind of mom you wish to be. “Every mother is different, and since this stuff only happens to us, we’re the only ones who actually know about it.” Since motherhood has enough drama already, Hea boosters are completely drama and fuss-free.

Hea celebrates the uniqueness of every mom and with the right mix of ingredients and dosage, offers optimum nutrition across all stages of motherhood. All this with zero alien ingredients, no GMO or gluten or artificial ingredients too.

“We are extremely particular with the “No-Nasties” policy, ensuring that our every Hea product is free of artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners, added sugar, soy, gluten and GMO products. They’re available in a variety of enjoyable formulations such as gummies and delicious drink premixes (in sharp contrast to clinical alternatives such as capsules and tablets which make you feel like you are stuck with medicines instead),” Jhoomer reiterates.

Right from providing the zing of energy you need to get through the day to boosting your immunity and being your protein and lactation support, Hea boosters already cater to a wide range of everyday problems that moms face and their upcoming products promise to fill any gaps that might exist here.

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No More Mom Guilt

“Most of all, we want moms free themselves of guilt (because this doesn’t help anyone), internalise the fact that they can be good mothers even if they get some “me-time” and that they need to look after themselves too. Healthy, happy moms truly do make the world a better place. Moms need to stop beating themselves up for putting themselves first. This goal is likely to be a recurring theme in the short as well as long terms for us,” she rounds up.

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