HZ Exclusive: Miss Deaf World 2019 Vidisha Baliyan Talks About Her Journey

By Tanya Malik30 Aug 2019, 16:43 IST

We had a chat with Vidisha Baliyan who was recently crowned the Miss Deaf World 2019 and Devika Malik, Founder of Wheeling Happiness Foundation, who mentored Vidisha for this global competition. 

In this conversation, Vidisha Baliyan talks about the hurdles she faced while prepping for the beauty pageant. She also talks about how the entire pageant went for her, her favourite rounds among all. 

Vidhisha also talks about her childhood, how her family supported her all throughout and she managed to break all barriers. People are still very insensitive about those with disabilities and both Vidisha and Devika share a special message for such people in society.