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Superwoman From Amritsar Who Sells Delicious Parathas Is Winning Hearts On Internet

Internet is filled with heartwarming stories, but this story of Amritsar woman and her paratha stall got our attention.
paratha stall veena ji punjab

Today, when the internet is being used for a good cause and people are freely sharing inspirational stories on social media and receiving a supporting response from the netizens, suddenly the internet feels like a lovely place. Recently a similar story was shared by the food blogger Gaurav Wasan about Veena from Amritsar, which drew widespread attention and soon after, netizens began pouring their hearts out to the woman's humble and motivational story.

Huge Paratha Stall In Amritsar

Food blogger Gaurav Wasan recently shared an inspiring story about an Amritsar woman and her difficult journey on his Instagram account @youtubeswadofficial, where we can also see the woman making massive parathas at her stand.

Veena, a mother of four girls, had worked as a housekeeper for nearly 20 years, according to the post. However, when her husband died, she was left to care for her family alone.

Veena is mother to four daughters and she is taking care of them on her own like a supermom. She is working day and night  to give everything her daughters need. 

Veena Started Selling Parathas After Husband's Death

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A post shared by Gaurav Wasan (@youtubeswadofficial)

Few years ago, when Veena lost her husband, all the responsibilities of running her life came on her shoulders. Before this, she was working as a househelp but after the incident, she decided to take over the cart her husband used to run.

The post shared by the vlogger Gaurav Wasan described her whole inspiring journey. This is the story of the wonderful lady, as shared by the food blogger Gaurav Wasan, 

"Meet Veena ji , a superwoman who hails from Amritsar, Punjab. Few years back she lost her husband and all the responsibilities of running her life came on her shoulders, she had 4 daughters to take care of and all she had was determination and a never loose attitude..She used to work as a household until she decided to take over the cart her husband used to run. Today she makes one of the biggest and tastiest paratha in Punjab priced at just Rs 30/- and she says, “Mata Rani ki Mehar se aur apni mehnat se me zarur is daur se bhi Guzar jaungi'' 😊😊� I salute the super lady and the hard-work she is putting in each day to give the best of what she can to her daughters 🙏🙏"

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Veena Ji Makes Biggest Stuffed Paratha In Punjab

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A post shared by Gaurav Wasan (@youtubeswadofficial)

Food blogger @youtubeswadofficial uploaded another video of Veena Ji's stall. In the stall, we can see Veena cooking huge parathas. According to @youtubeswadofficial, Veena had been a house help for 20 years, and she has four daughters to take care of. After the death of her husband, the entire responsibility of taking care of her children came on her shoulders. So, to support her daughters and to provide them with everything they need, the lady now runs a paratha stall in Amritsar and makes one of the biggest parathas in Amritsar. 

Veena Ji's inspiring story was shared by the food vlogger Gaurav Wasan which has garnered a lot of likes by now on the Internet. Gaurav is a food vlogger who does food vlogging from time to time in different places. During vlogging, he also covers many emotional stories, in which different people are featured. His name first came into the limelight when he shared the Baba Ka Dhaba story on his Instagram post.

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