She studied at Lady Shri Ram college and became equipped with the tools to turn her passion into a blossoming business. Guided by her mother, the co-founder and inspiration behind the ideals of the brand, Shubhika Jain, the co-founder of Ras Luxury Oils, established the luxury brand which filled in the natural beauty and wellness market in India. After almost 20 years of research and development in the lab, she has introduced 100% pure, honest and absolutely luxurious beauty and skincare products, encouraging people around the globe to say 'NO' to unnatural, ‘unpronounceable’ cosmetic ingredients. 

HerZindagi got in touch with Shubhika marking the Woman Entrepreneurship Day and here is what she had to say.

There is so much competition in the skincare market at the moment, what all do you have to do to be afloat as an entrepreneur?

We are creating a completely new and different segment in the Indian natural beauty and wellness space. We are appealing to a small segment of niche people and satisfying their individualistic tastes, distributing and marketing via selective 5-star hotels like St. Regis and Four Seasons in Mumbai, JW Marriott Bangalore, Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Grand Hyatt Kochi, UB City, Shangri-La, also Grand Hyatt Hong Kong to popular online portals and our own e-commerce website. We are creating brand & product awareness through digital platforms and social media. We are dedicated to creating excellent service and experience with our products that are handcrafted from farm to bottle.

What made you come up with the idea of establishing the brand and that too with your mother?

ras luxury

As a child, I was immersed in rituals introduced to me by my mother- rituals that have been passed on for generations in the family. With a passion for plants and gardening, my mother and co-founder of RAS, Sangeeta created her own beauty concoctions with handpicked flowers, herbs, and other natural ingredients. This practice is what first inspired me to inculcate a natural beauty regimen of using natural, potent face and body oils instead of lotions, creams and other products containing harmful and toxic ingredients and eventually to making a difference to people’s health and wellbeing through our brand.

As a female entrepreneur, has the struggle been any different?

When I initially joined the family business it was difficult for the existing staff to accept a young lady as their head. I had to prove myself to be worthy by way of executing tasks and handling situations in a mature and strategic manner which made me win the support of my team. Initially, visiting farmer fields, sourcing the best raw materials, having meetings with top executives was challenging but now I am comfortable with it as I developed that confidence. I have faced many challenges as an entrepreneur but not as a woman entrepreneur. I co-founded RAS Luxury Oils with my mother, Sangeeta Jain and I have a very good support from my family and existing team.

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What is your take on the growing number of women entrepreneurs in India and where do you think we Indians stand ratio wise?

It is heart-warming to see so many women becoming entrepreneurs and being successful in all walks of life. I would like more and more women becoming entrepreneurs and not fearing the result. It is only when one works with complete dedication and the fire to do something with a passion for it is when they can succeed. The ratio in India is still not remarkable as there are several disparities between regions which have seen growth in women entrepreneur.

Her Message For The Women Today

Have complete confidence in yourself and your idea and the perseverance to execute. More than the idea it is the execution of that which is more important. It feels very empowering to be a woman entrepreneur. In 2018 especially opportunities for women entrepreneurs are unlimited. It is always great to be financially independent as it gives you a sense of pride and freedom.

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