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HZ Exclusive - Tribattire Brings Tribal Fashion To Mainland India

Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya shares with HZ how she left her journalism career and started a business, Tribattire to promote tribal fashion.
Published -06 Oct 2021, 15:05 ISTUpdated -06 Oct 2021, 15:21 IST
tribattire main

TribAttire is a place where we can see the real India via fashion. This is a brand that brings tribal designs from North-East India and other tribal areas of the nation to mainland India. HerZindagi’s Bhavishya Bir had an exclusive chat with Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya, the founder of TribAttire.

It was her dream to start this business for a long time. She finally left her journalism career last year to pursue her longtime dream of bringing designs in the eyes of the people. Along with bringing tribal designs to the whole country, she also wishes to promote the weavers from the remote areas.

Getting The Idea

dupatta tribattire

Aforementioned, she is not a businesswoman but a journalist by profession and she just started this last year. Journalism gave her a chance to travel to remote and tribal areas and explore the beautiful weaving.

“I was a mainstream journalist for 15 years and I was always fascinated with tribal weaving, especially from the North East. Even during my childhood, I used to wear those magical tribal weavings. Tribals from North-East wear a different kind of skirt called wrap around skirt. The fabric and the weaving is very unique from the rest of India,” Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya says.

“Even though I have never studied fashion but I was quite fascinated with it. So, I used to get it for myself as well as my friends. During this process of collecting the fabrics for myself, I got introduced to these weavers and their way of working. I used to wear this and I got several compliments.” She added.

She shared with us the final moment when she decided to finally fulfill her dream and start this company was when she was praised for her outfit at a party. She was wearing a skirt of the fabric pachra that she herself had designed.


skirt tribattire

“Journey of TribAttire started in north-east. Then, I started working with Gujrati weavers (Ajrak), Then Shibori tie-dye, khadi, rignai from north-east, Bengal’s Katha and we plan to expand,” she says.


shirt tribattire

Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya shares with us that she first collects the fabric herself from weavers in all the tribal areas. Then, she incorporates the fabric into contemporary designs like skirts with slit, shirts, coats, jackets and many more.

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jacket tribattire

“TribAttire only deals in natural fabrics,” says Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya. The quality of the material is top class as the brand only works with natural fabrics like cotton. You might find the weaving in other places but those places will provide you with synthetic material. However, you will only find the best quality material at TribAttire.


family tribattire

Here is what Dolonchapa Bhattacharyya shares about the brand.

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“TribAttire is ethnic. ‘TribAttire' is chic. ‘TribAttire' is the dream we want to cherish by making ‘you' look unique! Authentic tribal weaving from across the nation (starting from North Eastern states to extreme Southern states) is a lost art today. The gorgeous woven magic is untapped. At 'TribAttire', our aim is to make your choice simpler with a blend of elegance. We want you to support the sustainable fashion which will connect you to nature.”

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“Our speciality involves extensive research work and procurement of the best quality fabric and then producing exclusive comfort wear in chosen factories. We are not big on trends, we believe in 'Timeless Design' and want you to wear our quality products for years,” she adds.

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