World Health Day: Pick Healthier Snacking Options For A Better Life

By Tanya Malik06 Apr 2019, 17:01 IST

Your everyday diet defines your health. You eat unhealthy food, it starts to show on your health. If not at the moment, all the unhealthy stuff that you consume everyday starts to show the negative results in a few days. For a healthy living, you need to keep a close check on what you eat and drink through the day. If you want to binge on some snacks, pick the healthier ones. It is World Health Day tomorrow, i.e, 7th April 2019. This year, promise yourself that you will make healthier changes in your life.

For instance, your regular pack of fruit juice has a lot of calories. They have added flavours and sugar which is not at all healthy for you. You can relish raw fruits instead of picking a pack of juice. Chips are another common unhealthy snack that we all binge on. You can replace them a bowl of popcorns which have lesser calories. Fewer calories would help you manage your weight and this will further prevent you from any health problems.