Vastu For Good Health By Puneet Chawla

By Kishori Sud16 Oct 2018, 17:10 IST

Good health is what we all desire and we are ready to go to any extent to maintain it. Here are some quick tips by Vastu Expert Puneet Chawla, that can be easily followed:

East Is A Very Good Direction

If the Eastern corner of your house is cluttered and dirty, you may face heart issues. Make the corner clean, bright and light.

North-East corner of The House

Avoid keeping broom, shoes and slippers in this corner of the house. This can lead to mental problems like depression, anxiety and headaches.

Sleeping Directions

  • Whenever you sleep, make sure that you are in the Southern or Eastern direction of the house. South is a good direction if you keep the area closed and turn your head towards the direction. This will give you longevity.
  • Your bed should be wooden and it should not be a box bed nor be made of iron.
  • You should not have a window at the back of your bed.
  • You should not point your feet towards the door of the room.
  • Keep all radiations like mobile phones, away from you while sleeping. You can keep the mobile phones in a leather pouch as the leather absorbs the radiation energies and do not allow the same to reach you.
  • Keep your house free from negative energy. Use sea salt to ward off the negativity.
  • Put some of it in a bowl in your room.