We all love a food item that keeps us from achieving a healthy body and lose weight. Sugar can be that item for some people. Here are some tips that could help you but you need to have good willpower. Take up this challenge and look fab!

Plan Your Treat Time

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We all have heard of the dialogue 'everything in moderation'. This concerns your sugar intake as well. Don't shun it but go easy on it. People often have cravings where they want high-sugar foods like chocolates, cookies and ice cream, especially when they are experiencing extreme emotions. Don't let go! Instead, bring in some treat foods to your day during positive times. This time, it's easier to control your intake, as you have had a complete meal with your friends and family. Do it, at least try. You will see the difference. 

Look Out For The Gluten-Free Label

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Food companies often add sugar, salt and fat to improve the taste. And you can also assume that labels, like gluten-free, might have the same problem. Read the nutrition label to know exactly what you're getting.

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Calculate Your Nutrition

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If you're hooked on sugar, you have some favourite food list that you always crave. It could be a flavoured coffee drink, a smoothie from a store or a sweet snack at the same time each day. We recommend that you take a look at the packaging first to check the amount of sugar in the product. Divide that amount into four which will give you the number of teaspoons of the sweet food. Next, measure that amount of sugar into a glass. Take a good long look and ask yourself if you need that much. This will be an eye-opener. It is something I have tried and tested. And this is serious!

Cleaning Up Your Home

Get rid of the sources of sugar from your home so that the sweet stuff isn't visible. This will not trigger your cravings. Stay with people who too are not big on sugary food. You will see the change yourself. 

Timing It Right

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When you reduce sugar from your diet, you will experience intense cravings. You may even become irritable and moody. Sugar withdrawal is equally proportional to drug withdrawal. After the first week, the toughest phase, things come under control. What we recommend is that you start cutting back during the time when there is little stress, you can get enough sleep, and you're maintaining a regular schedule. To stay on track, plan activities like exercising, dancing, meditation, activities with friends etc to keep your mind off it. 

Try these tips and we are sure you will have a control over the sugar monster inside you.