The absence of mental illness is not entirely what good mental health means. Having a state of mind that allows you to be productive and active throughout, a state that helps you make the right decisions for yourself, and one that has the ability to introspect one’s own self with no anxiety, stress or depression, or negative thoughts trying to pull you down, is what good mental health actually means.

But the kind of times we are living in, it is really hard to protect your mind from the negativities and be able to maintain optimal mental health. Our lives are becoming more and more competitive these days and all we should really care about is our health. Because obviously, health is wealth. 

While our physical health is given a lot of importance, mental health suffers for not getting the due attention. Here are some factors that affect our psychology adversely and we should avoid them as much as possible in order to keep our minds safe and healthy.

Lack of Confidence 

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The lack of confidence in a person is directly related to one’s image of one’s own self in his/her mind. Confidence comes with a lot of practice and faith in one’s skills and talents.  Doubting your own abilities is what gives rise to a lack of confidence. Also, confidence is interconnected with your self-esteem.  Valuing yourself and your decisions, creating a positive self-image is therefore very important for your good mental health. 

Feeling Unloved

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A person who is subjected to hard circumstances from a young age without the love of his parents is more likely to be very mentally vulnerable.  Feeling unloved gives rise to feeling unwanted and useless. And this is very bad for your mental health. This feeling is very negative and makes you feel weak if you are not able to overpower it.

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A major chunk of the population of the entire world has been subjected to some kind of abuse and that affects mental health very adversely. The scars of the incidents stay embedded in the brain for a very long time and are very hard to erase. 

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Disintegration Of The Family

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The disintegration or the breakup of the family is another thing that makes your mental health suffer for a long time. Losing your close were and failing at trying to make the ends meet is something that deeply saddens and depresses you. The disintegration of your family is majorly linked to the fear of losing your happiness, love, and warmth that the family made you feel and this makes you insecure to the core.

Harsh Treatments

The character of each and every person is is formed within the walls of our homes. Our parents are our first teachers and due to any reason if they are not supportive and understanding, then the child develops a personality disorder that rises as a result of the suppressed thoughts and suffocation that one feels inside one’s own abode.  Therefore keep the above points in your mind and try to protect yourself from such encounters. 

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