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The Adverse Side Effects Coffee Has On Your Body

A magical potion brewed with cocoa beans; coffee. but do you really know the adverse effects it has on your body?
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -11 Oct 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -08 Oct 2021, 21:54 IST
side effects of coffee

Everyone drinks coffee and everyone loves coffee. The youth of today consider it a life saving elixer when they have to study all night or maybe it's the Starbucks craze that has gotten everyone so hooked on coffee. India used to be a land of tea; you must've seen your parents drinking tea reading newspapers but no; today's generation does love it's coffee. 

Coffee has a couple side effects to it if taken in a large quantity and is as addictive as alcohol. Coffee craze was started by the Millenials and now hyped up by the GenZ. No, coffee is not that bad for you but a large intake of it can cause a couple health issues. Nothing is bad if it is taken within it's limitations. Here we have some adverse effects that are caused by coffee. 




Many of you might not know but drinking a lot of coffee can be linked to anxiety. Since caffine is known to increase alertness it blocks out effects of adenosine which is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired and with this caffine also triggers a fight or flight response in out body making you skittish. Drinking a lot of coffee then intern makes you feel anxious. 

High caffine intake of 1,000 mg or more per day can cause jitters and nervousness. Even if you take a lower intake of 300 mg or more it can cause rapid breathing and increase stress levels if consumed all together. It would be best if you keep you coffee intake to 1 or 2 cups a day. 



The most prized ability of coffee is that it helps you stay awake. College student lts love it and often misuse this ability of coffee drinking multiple glasses in a day and if that wasn't enough; they drink multiple cups of black coffee in an all nighter. 

Drinking high dozes of coffee an adversely affect your sleeping schedule as it makes it harder for your body to fall asleep since caffine blocks out effects of adenosine which is a chemical in your brain that makes you feel tired and sleepy. Though genetics do play a big role in how much coffee you can consume but it's always good to drink not more than 2 cups a day. 

Digestive Issues

Digestive issues

A good morning poop after drinking a nice cup of hot coffee is absolute bliss. Though coffee does help your bowls having a laxative effect on it yet it is best not to drink a lot of coffee in a day. Caffine actually stimulates bowel movements by increasing peristalsis. It helps you poop as the the contractions move food through your digestive tract. 

But if you drink a lot of coffee and ingest high dozes of it then my friend you might want to secure the bathroom all for yourself as high dozes of caffine may cause loose stools or even diarrhea in some people and bad acid reflux. 


Caffine Addiction

You can still leave alcohol if you try hard enough but coffee is way harder to leave than alcohol. Especially since you don't easily experience adverse effects of coffee that fast but you can puke easily if you drink a lot of alcohol. The addictive qualities of coffee are well known to everyone. People addicted to coffee even call themselves Coffeeholics as if it's a good thing.

Coffee has caffine in it which triggers certain brain chemicals similar to cocaine and amphetamines; which sounds insane but it is true. You must have a friend who has said "I can't live without coffee! I need 4-5 cups a day to function! "; this is exactly what an addict would say so try to minimize your doze or maybe switch to tea for some time. 



Never drink coffee on an empty stomach; it will surely trigger your acid reflux and if you feel gassy often then it's best to lay off coffee for a while. Caffine is well known to give you an energy boost this energy boost can later cause fatigue if you intake a large amount of caffine. Once caffine starts to leave your system it may cause fatigue or rebound fatigue. 

This fatigue can be cured with drinking more coffee which is how you get hooked on caffiene. You can choose between sleepless nights or a few moments of fatigue; it's all on you. 


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