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The Infused Kettle Founder Shalini Raj On Best Herbal Tea Mixes, Ingredients To Boost Immunity

In this exclusive conversation, the entrepreneur talked about the growing love for Ayurvedic teas and their benefits. 
Published -17 Aug 2021, 11:00 ISTUpdated -17 Aug 2021, 11:49 IST
the infused kettle shalini raj interview herbal tea

India's obsession with tea has no limits. If you are a tea lover, you know how a cup of tea accompanies just all our activities throughout the day. Agree? 

So, if you love tea, you know that there is no dearth of variants and flavours if you are someone who likes to experiment. Many of us have also switched to health teas after the pandemic hit. 

The Infused Kettle is a tea brand offering a wide variety of authentic tea blends from across India. We recently got an opportunity to interact with The Infused Kettle founder - Ms. Shalini Raj. We asked her about her journey to building the tea brand, the best tea blends for immunity, and more. Read on. 

Building The Infused Kettle

Talking about venturing into the tea business after being from a travel background, she said, "I began my journey wherein realized that tea was missing from the menu and markets across the world. In April, when the coronavirus sent all of India into lockdown, I returned to my hometown in Ranchi. Happened to strike a conversation with my neighbour’s visitor, a lady in her 50s who owned a tea garden in Darjeeling.

After the chance meeting in April, I thought over it for a few months and decided to turn to my friends for sample tests and honest feedback. I partnered exclusively with a tea garden complete with a kitchen, and a chef to create original flavours. Thus, The InfusedKettle began operations in July 2020."

India's Obsession With Tea

shalini raj infused kettle teas

India is the world's second-largest producer in the world. 70% of the tea produced in the country is consumed within the country itself. So there is no secret that Indians can't do without chai. The Infused Kettle founder Shalini Raj shared that there are different reasons that contribute to it. She said, "I believe that there is one main reason and that is the health benefits of tea. Scientists have found that the catechins (antioxidants) in green tea extract increase the body and ability to burn fat as fuel, which accounts for improved muscle endurance. Drinking tea could help reduce the risk of a heart attack. Tea might also help protect against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases.

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Growing Love For Herbal Tea Mixes 

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have started to get more inclined towards Ayurveda, herbal teas. Talking about some healthy tea ingredients one must consume during this season due to weak immunity, she said, "Tea ingredients such as Turmeric, Ginger, Peppermint, Green, Lemongrass, Hibiscus, Black tea is the best flavour to boost the immunity during the pandemic period."

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Benefits Of Herbal Teas

We asked the expert to share how herbal teas can benefit our health. She shared, "Boosting the immune system with herbal therapies is not a new concept. Drinking herbal tea is a very basic and quick way to boost your inner defenses and give you feel-good vibes that will make you happy. Of course, the tea is curative, since it contains important anti corps that combat disease. It can not only boost your immunity, but it can also aid in the treatment of a variety of long-term health issues as well as weather-related issues. For decades, herbal tea ingredients have been thought to induce resistance to various diseases in Indian medicine. They primarily boost immunity while also boosting the body's antioxidant ability.

Best Time To Consume Tea

herbal tea mixes

We also asked the entrepreneur to share the best time to have these teas to get maximum benefits. She shared, "Different tea has different ways and time to drink tea but green tea is the most consumed in India as of now to increase the metabolism or to reduce weight. Most people think that consuming green tea on an empty stomach is the best way to gain the benefits of this drink. But green tea as your morning cuppa may have adverse effects on your liver and might as well damage it. Also, the caffeine in it may lead to dehydration and stimulate the release of gastric acid which can cause stomach upset or even ulcers. To avail the full antioxidant powers of green tea, it must be consumed in-between meals. This means you should consume it at least two hours before and two hours after your meal."

Do you have any questions related to herbal teas? Write to us on our Facebook page and we will get them answered for you. For more such exclusive interviews, stay tuned! 



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