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5 Easy Steps Towards Mental Well Being

As our lives are becoming challenging day by day, it becomes imperative that we take measures towards our mental well being in little ways!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -01 Apr 2022, 13:25 ISTUpdated -01 Apr 2022, 13:45 IST
mental well being

Building our well-being is crucial because we all want to feel good about ourselves and our surroundings. We all want to get the most out of our life. However, there is evidence that strong mental wellness is vital for our physical health as well as helping us reach the objectives we set for ourselves. 

People's mental health has suffered as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. People from all walks of life have been stressed throughout the pandemic, including frontline workers who have been overburdened with work, young people who are unable to attend school, family members who are separated from one another, those affected by COVID-19 infection or the loss of loved ones, and those with pre-existing mental health conditions who face difficulties accessing mental health services during lockdowns.

It's natural to feel terrified, nervous, or helpless in this challenging period. But, no matter what scenario you're in or where you are, you have the ability to care for your mental health and well-being. It is rightly said that take care of the small things and the big things will take care of themselves. The little things you can do everyday to stay in a better mental state are not as difficult as you might think. Here are the 5 easy steps towards mental well being. 

Your Connections Are Important

connections are important

Studies suggest that your social connections are extremely important for your mental well being. Human beings are social creatures and hence we crave connection and social interaction. If you happen to be well connected to your loved ones, you are likely to stay in a better mental state than when you are lonely. So make sure that you spend some quality time with your close friends and family to boost your mental well being. All those social gatherings with friends and close family events can actually have a good impact on your mental health.

That’s the reason why reconnecting with friends feels like such a fulfilling and wholesome experience. Staying connected with our loved ones makes us feel emotionally secure and happy. 

Exercise A Bit

Well, there’s no surprise here! This might just sound like an uphill task to follow through but exercise has a major role to play in your mental well being. Exercising helps release dopamine or the happy hormones. 

Exercising doesn’t just help our bodies look better but also it helps us improve our mental well being. You’ll notice that getting into the habit of exercising everyday will keep you happier in spirit. You’ll be less moody and cranky if you incorporate this one habit into your routine. If you happen to be a beginner at this, take one step at a time. Maybe just try with some stretching and dancing for a week before you actually start exercising.

Taking A Digital Detox Is Important

digital detox

A digital detox is important in times especially when we are flooding with news of uncertainty and chaos from everywhere. We all need a break from watching the happy social media lives of other people. It can take away the focus from our joys. The feeling of FOMO is something that can make us feel miserable about our own lives. 

Instead of wasting a lot of time scrolling the social media feed, one ought to pursue their hobbies or spend time travelling. Social media can very easily convince us to sit on our couch all day and do nothing but that is only going to make you lazy and miserable.

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Write Down Things You Are Grateful For

It’s easy to slip into the habit of taking things for granted. To count your blessings and to keep a note of all the things you’re grateful for is one of the surefire ways to stay happy. Your mental well being largely depends on how you respond to situations. You can make things happier for yourself by feeling gratitude towards all the good things that are happening around you right now. In fact, studies suggest that people who express gratitude and acknowledge positive things around them are happier in general. 

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Setting Goals And Achieving Them

setting goals

This might come as a surprise but sticking to your schedule and prioritising your goals is actually good for your mental well being. Progress in the direction of your career or health will lead to fulfilment of a purpose. Setting goals and achieving them is important in life. Keeping a track of them and knowing every progress that you’re making along the way shall help you be in a better mental state. 

If you wish to share any tips on mental well being with us, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

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