Follow This Dental Hygiene Routine By Dr Ekta Chadha

By Kishori Sud11 Sep 2018, 12:13 IST

Follow this dental hygiene routine for good, healthy teeth as suggested by Dr Ekta Chadha from Smile Studio. Here are few tips if you should add onto your dental routine.


Only brushing once in the morning is not enough. One must brush after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because, that is the time when the food remains on the teeth and the bacteria gets ample time to act on it. Btuhing after breakfast and after dinner, will give you optimal level of hygiene. 

Use Of Waterpick

Rinse your mouth very well with warm saline water in the end at night. waterpik is like a water flosser which helps to remove all the dental, interdental food which is stuck between the teeth. It is said that about 40 % of food is stuck between the interdental spaces which can be cleaned very well with the help of the waterpik.

Drink Lots Of Water

It is important to drink water every two hours or have some clove or mint or have something in the mouth so that the salivary flow can continue and it can flush out the regular bacteria which is present in the oral cavity any which ways. 

Producer: Prabhjot Kaur

Editor: Atul Tripathi