Most of the times, all those small bad habits go un-noticed. They may look like harmless to you but that is actually not how it is. If you keep wondering what makes you and your family fall sick quite often then let us tell you that it may be because of your unhealthy kitchen habits. You may not notice many of your everyday bad kitchen habits but these harm you in the long run. Read on as we share some kitchen habits that you need to change right now for a healthy life:

Using Your Old, Chipped Non-Stick Pan

old non stick pan

Are you still using your old, chipped non-stick pan? If yes, please say goodbye to it as it is really harmful for your health. Cooking in non-stick pans is a really healthy option as they use less oil. However, with time, they start to chip off. When you cook food in this pan, there are chances that the chipped off pieces get intop your food. Eating this food can lead to a dangerous disease like cancer. To prevent yourself, stop using this pan right away. 

Not Changing Kitchen Sponge 

kitchen sponge

As per a study, your kitchen sponge has around 19 billion bacteria living on it. Now imagine cleaning your utensils, kitchen slab with it. First, do you clean your kitchen sponge everyday? When do you replace your kitchen sponge? Cleary, cleaning your kitchen sponge is not a really good idea. You should be replacing your kitchen sponge every week or month. Also, keep a check on your kitchen towels. Do they get washed regularly? If no, they have a lot of germs that can be harmful for you. Don't Miss Make Your Life Easier With These Kitchen Cleaning Hacks

Using Mobile While Cooking Food

using phone in kitchen

Now, we use our mobile phones almost all the time. From travelling to eating, everything we do, we just can't without our phone. A lot of us also carry it to the loo. Do you know how many germs does it carry along? Using your mobile phone while cooking food in the kitchen is a big no-no. As per a study, your mobile phone has more germs than a toilet seat. You definitely don't want those germs to get into your food.

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Not Washing Reusable Grocery Bags

We all have that big cupboard filled with grocery bags. Everytime we go out to shop for grocery we get one and keep it for reuse. This may look like a money saving hack but it is actually not. Every time you use a bag, make sure it is clean or it will only transfer the germs to your food. 

Reusing Oil For Frying 

There are days when you do a lot of frying in the kitchen and you keep the oil to be used next time for frying but is it healthy? No, not at all. Reusing cooking oil for frying is really harmful for your health. It increases cholesterol levels in the body, infects white blood cells and can also cause cancer.