If You Care About Your Eyes Then This Fun Quiz Will Help You Learn A Lot!

eye health main

Quit taking your eyes for granted and give importance to your eye health. Play this quiz and add to your knowledge in a fun way.

eye health quiz one

What is the coloured part of the eye, which controls the amount of light coming into the eye, called?

eye health quiz two

When a gland on the eyelid or inside the eye gets blocked, what is it called?

eye health quiz three

If your eyes are too tired and have been looking at the screen too much, what do you notice?

eye health quiz four

Worldwide, what is the leading cause of irreversible blindness?

eye health quiz five

A lens is put in the eye, which is a disease or condition that is usually the result of ageing.

eye health quiz six

This causes damage to the eyes in almost everyone.

eye health quiz seven

The terms "ectropion" and "entropion" describe eyelids that ...

eye health quiz eight

If you have this disease then you don't have enough tears in your ducts

eye health quiz nine

If one your pupils are unusually big then you have this disease

eye health quiz ten

Which vitamin is necessary for the eyes?