The onset of monsoon is always cherished because it brings relief from the soaring temperature and brutal heatwave. Getting all drenched in the rain gives us a whole different joy. However, this season also gives rise to a number of seasonal eye problems such as redness, burning sensation, and swelling. So, here are some tips dolled out by eye care specialist, Dr.  Sanjay Tejawani to keep your eyes safe.

Take Care Of Your Eyewear

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Cleaning your specs with a dirty cloth will only put you at risk of catching eye infection. So, make sure you wipe your specs with a clean cloth and also, wash your cloth every day to avoid the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Clean Your Contact Lenses Properly

Wearing contact lenses without cleaning them can cause major eye infections and irritation. So, make sure you take utmost care of your lenses and touch them only after washing your hands

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Make sure you wash your hands frequently as you can unknowingly touch your eyes. Wash your hands after every few minutes, especially before wearing and cleansing contact lenses. You can also carry a hand sanitizer with you while travelling.

Ditch Those Makeup Products

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Girls stay away from mascara and every eye makeup product during the rainy season. Because applying oodles of mascara and eye make will only make you more prone to catching infectious bacteria and virus that can harm your eyes. Also, store your makeup products in cold places to prevent them from being infectious.

Avoid Sharing Towels And Napkins

Eye infections are communicable. Thus, sharing items like handkerchiefs, towels and napkins will transmit the infectious bacteria and virus from the infected person to others.

Wash Your Eyes With Cold Water

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Wash your eyes with cold water every time you come home from outside. Do not splash water in your eyes as it can be harmful for your pupils. Instead, gently clean your eyes using soaked cotton balls.

Avoid Shaking Hands

The hands are exposed to a lot of dirt, dust, and bacteria, and all of these can be easily transferred to one person to another. So, avoid shaking hands or touching dirty things to protect your eyes from getting infected.

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Avoid Rubbing Your Eyes

When dust practices come in contact with your eyes can cause symptoms such as irritation and blurriness. So, instead of rubbing your eyes make sure you wash your eyes with cold water.

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