Breastfeeding Queries Now Answered! Check Out What Dr Bakshi Has Advised!

By Kishori Sud11 May 2019, 11:31 IST

If you are a new mother then many questions and queries are bound to cross our minds. Starting with breastfeeding. Here is Dr. Mahima Bakshi, a Women and Child Wellness Consultant who told HerZindagi on the subject and answered some obvious questions to make life rest the minds of new moms.

Is it okay to use a pump to express milk when I go to work or on an evening out?

says that expressing milk is a very good way when the mother is in office and has an eight hours shift and her breast will get full. that is when she has to take a break and express the milk which can be stored in a fridge and when she is returning home she can bring it back home and give it to the baby as well.

My nipples are sore, cracked and scabbed. Should I stop breastfeeding until they heal?

Stopping breastfeeding is not the solution because you have to feed the kid and if the breast is not emptied then there is a major risk of breast engorgement. There are ways to kind of deal with cracked nipples and there are also ways to prevent it. So, it is important that firstly, prevention is followed and if it has been developed then the healing process needs to be followed. 

The most important aspect is prevention. 

A. Latching has to be done properly.

B. Care of the nipples. Soap is not advisable on the nipples. Just use simple warm water.

How can I increase milk production?

  • Repetitive feeding is your answer. It is frequent feeding. The more frequent the feeding is, the body hormones are released which stimulates milk production. 
  • Also, avoid taking stress as it reduced milk production. 
  • The mother should not be under-nourished. Six meals are important for lactating mothers.

Does drinking beer help breastfeed?

New mothers should avoid alcohol. A glass of wine is allowed but in a restricted quantity that too once in a blue moon.

What role does a male parent have in ensuring that the child is exclusively breastfed?

A father plays a very important role in motivating the wife, encouraging her. When the baby is crying he should be there to care for the infant. 

I am ashamed of breastfeeding in public, how can I overcome it?

It is important to understand that it is a very natural process. It something you are doing to give to your child, therefore you do not have to be ashamed of it but there are ways to feel comfortable too. You can look for a feeding room or wear a comfortable garment. You can buy a maternity kurta or a nursing shirt