Celebrated every year on June 14, World Blood Donor Day is one day when we want to thanks all those blood donors who turned out to be our saviours, saving lives of so many. This also encourages people all over the world to donate blood voluntarily. Now the first question in your mind might be that why do we have to bring your attention to blood donation? The fact is that in India, sadly, there are just approximately 40 lakh blood units available every year whereas we need around 4 crore units of blood. See the contrast? This happens because many of us are scared, have some weird myths and misunderstanding around blood donation that stops us every time we muster the courage to let the needle poke us. Let's get those cleared today and be a saviour for another. 

It Hurts

Dear readers, the only pain you feel is for that second when the needle is pricked. The area also heals within a day or two. And you do not faint or anything like that unless you have some disease which effects it. The weakness that you have after donating blood is easy to deal with as all you have to do is drink plenty of water and eat.

A Smoker Cannot Donate

smoker cannot donate

This is completely wrong. You can donate even if you are a smoker. The only point you have to keep in mind is that you have to 17 years old and weight at least 50 kg. And yes, do not smoke at least three hours after donating blood. 

Your Immunity System Becomes Weak

Nothing happens to your immunity system when you donate blood. Your RBC (Red Blood Cells) become normal in few days and the White Blood Cells take a few weeks. And the amazing part here is that if your body feels that it is becoming weak, the WBC produce quickly! So there! Cut that myth out!  

Time Taking

time taking

It just takes an hour at max, including the donation process of filling forms and taking refreshments after donation.


This is utter nonsense dear readers. Nothing of this sort happens. I would be a panda if that was true. Your weight remains unchanged. And your love for desserts has got nothing to do with blood donation.

Diabetics Can't Donate

You cannot donate if you take insulin. So yes it is partially true. But, if you heart problems and blood pressure from type 2 diabetes, then you cannot.  

High BP

Those with blood pressure between 180 systolic and 100 diastolic can easily go for blood donation.  

Allergic People  

If you have your seasonal allergies then it has nothing to do with blood donation. You can easily go for it. 

Women Cannot Donate

Blood has nothing to do with gender. However, if you are pregnant, anaemic, lactating, or suffering from some medical issue that lowers haemoglobin count, don't go for it.

Infections Prone

A fresh needle is used for each blood donor. So, no you can have no infection. 

One Day Needed After Donating

You can lead your normal day-to-day life right after donating. Just drink plenty of water after you do to replenish those body fluids. Also, avoid alcohol and sunlight for 24 hours. That's it.