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Here Are The Benefits Of Cooking Yourself, Channeling The Inner Chef During Lockdown!

Here is why it is good to cook at home especially during this lockdown.
cooking for self

During this quarantine, the world is locked at home but using the time to hone many of their skills and channeling their inner chef. While there are many jokes on most becoming chefs, in reality, there are many advantages and benefits of this activity wherein all are cooking their own meals. It is not just about utilising the time but there are many things connected to mental health and money. Here is a list of what all good this activity is doing to you and your family. 

Healthier Diet

According to a study by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, people tend to have a better Healthy Eating Index when they cooked food at home. 

Calorie Consumption

When you do not order food from outside and instead cook at home, you tend to watch the number of carbs, the sugar you are putting, and the oil quantity as well. According to four years of data from a national health ackennd nutrition survey of America, researchers discovered that on an average day, the 8% adults who cooked dinner once a week or never cooked dinner consumed 2,301 calories. The others who cooked dinner six to seven times a week consumed 2,164 calories. It is still high but better than those who hardly cook at home.   

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Money Saviour

money saviour

When you spend money on food outside, it comes out to be much more and at times double to what you spend on making food at home. A homecooked chicken dish would cost you just the current rate of chi depending upon the quantity you are using and a quarter of the other ingredients you would usually use. Like giving a personal example here, I bought raw chicken breast 1 kg for Rs 340, in which I will just be using 1 tbsp oil, one tbsp pepper and a 1 tsp oregano and 20 minutes of gas for cooking. This would at max cost me Rs 450. The same if I order outside, they would serve me just 500 gms of chicken breast with all those seasonings and charge me minimum Rs 1000 at a nice place. At an average place, they would charge me Rs 500-600, which still is more than double the actually cost. So now you tell me what is more practical?

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Potion Control

potion control

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When you make your own meals at home, you keep tabs on how much salt is going into it, the amount of oil, the portion size etc. oes out of the window when we eat outside. If you have food allergies, are trying to lose weight or follow a special diet then this would be the best way. Cook at home

Joy With Family

joy cooking

Cooking at home brings joy and promotes healthy vibes. Especially when it is a shared experience with the family, the fun increases. It relieves individuals of stress, creates conversations and you are also trying something new. It triggers fun memories as well which in turn contributes to the well being of the people. 


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