Ayurvedic expert Dr. Vajpayee says that Vitiligo or white spots are the discolouration of your skin when you start having spots, pigmentation issue. It starts with small spots and then can slowly cover your entire body. This happens due to Melanin, as that is exactly what provides colour to our skin. The spreading depends on person to person as it may just spread across or just stay concentrated in one area. There are certain causes that can be avoided with these tips to avoid this skin disease. If you adhere to them then the spread will stop and they might just fade away slowly. It has mostly got to do with your diet which if tweaked the right way can help you out. From irregularity in eating,  contaminated, rotten meat, combinations of fish and milk are some of the causes that can be at play and should be avoided. Here is a list of Do's & Don'ts that will help you out.

The tips have been given by Ayurvedic expert Dr. Vajpayee but if something is necessary for your diet, recommended by a doctor or another expert, it is best that you consult the family doc or expert you have been visiting as each human body reacts in a different way to different elements. The following are lists of what should be consumed to battle the white spots and what can be done to avoid them. 

What To Do

    • Consume wheat, Bajra, Barley, leftover rice, moong masoor dal without salt. 
    • Drink water from a copper vessel after keeping it stored in it for 8 hours.
    • Eat more green leafy vegetables, carrots, gourd, soybeans. 
    • Get medical check-ups done to avoid worm in the stomach and liver-related problems.
    • Eat 30 to 50 grams of soaked black gram and three to four almonds daily. 
    • Drink juice of fresh Giloy Aloe vera.
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What To Avoid

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    • Avoid intake of too much salt, spicy food and fried food. 
    • Avoid pickle, vinegar, curd, mango powder, tamarind, lemon. 
    • Avoid alcohol and tobacco. 
    • Do not eat potato, urad, sugarcane, onion, butter, milk, berries, sweets, bananas.
    • Do not consume combinations like milk and fish or milk and non-veg together. 
    • Reduce the intake of milk products. Do not include sweet rabdi and curd in the meal together. 
    • Do not consume sesame, jaggery, and milk together.
    • Do not eat sour things like tamarind, sour, lemon, orange, grapes, tomato, amla, pickle, curd, lassi, chilli, maida, urad.  
    • Avoid dairy products and never have rabri and curd at the same time in the same meal. 
    • If your white spots are itching, do not do it with your nails at any cost.
    • Keep constipation at bay
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