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Survey: 92% Of Indian Women Know That Feminine Health Affects Mental Health, Yet Do Not Act

A recent survey reveals that women in India are aware of feminine issues but do not prioritise their health.
  • Krati Purwar
  • Editorial
Published -01 Jul 2022, 15:55 ISTUpdated -01 Jul 2022, 16:08 IST
women health report survey

A health survey states that 92% of Indian women know that feminine health affects emotion and mental well-being, yet they are hesitant to seek help. Motherhood Hospitals, a speciality hospital chain providing fertility care and services to children and women in many cities of the country, conducted the survey.

Sample Of The Survey

women health

According to the Economic Times, Motherhood Hospitals interviewed 225 women from Sec A and Sec B from millennial, Gen Z and Gen X categories. These women lived in tier-one cities of the country.

The survey aimed to study the priorities of new-age women with respect to feminine health. It is also meant to trace the changes in the opinion of women on the subject of female health. The survey also explored the factors that led to these changes.

Highlights Of The Survey

  • The statistics say that 92% of women from the sample know about the adverse effects of feminine health. However, only a few take measures to ensure mental and emotional well-being.
  • About 50% of the women are more likely to discuss feminine health issues with female members of the family. The other half is likely to discuss these issues with a spouse or a friend instead of seeking help from a gynaecologist or health expert.
  • About 55% of women visit the gynaecologist only when they are pregnant or have concerns regarding fertility. 22% of Indian women seek professional help for menstruation-related problems.
  • Only 11% of women prefer regular checkups with the gynaecologist, while 33% return for a follow-up within five to 15 days. 

Professional Opinion

women exercise

In an interview with the Economic Times, Vijayarathna Venkatraman, CEO of Motherhood Hospitals, said, “In recent times, with ease of access to digital resources, financial independence and higher levels of awareness, women’s general and reproductive health in India is gaining attention.”

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The survey proved that modern women are aware of feminine health problems. However, most of them are reluctant to take proactive steps towards prioritising their health, exercising regularly, eating healthy and checking their stress levels. 


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