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    Keep Yourself Fit In Winters The Shahnaz Husain Way

    If you want to keep in shape during the winter, here are some easy tips from beauty expert Shahnaz Husain.
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    Published -17 Nov 2021, 13:04 ISTUpdated -17 Nov 2021, 13:38 IST
    shahnaz husain how to keep fit in winters

    Exercise is necessary not only for physical fitness, but also for building up good immunity, more so in winter, when the body is more susceptible to colds and flu. Exercise boosts stamina, improves blood circulation and imparts vitality to the body.

    Plan Your Day

    plan your day

    If you want to build exercise into your lifestyle, you have to plan your day properly. Make time for exercise and relaxation on a daily basis. This can be accomplished by going to bed and waking up half an hour earlier than usual. routine. Start your day with a brisk walk or 10 minutes of stretching activities. Then do 5 minutes of deep breathing exercises, followed by 15 minutes of meditation. You'll need to set aside approximately half an hour for this.

    Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise programme.

    When starting on an exercise programme, start slowly and gradually raise your activity level . Allow your body to adjust. Start with 5 to 10 minutes of exercise and progressively increase the time. Stop if you're exhausted!

    The next day, begin again. Never put too much pressure on yourself. Stop if you have any of the following symptoms: shortness of breath, dizziness, cramping, or pain. Consult your physician. Consult your doctor. Never

    exercise immediately right after a meal, or right before going to bed.

    Exercise Outfits For Winter

    exercise outfit

    Choose clothes that you feel comfortable in. You may wear a tracksuit, or a loose T-shirt and tights. Cotton clothes are best as they absorb more sweat. If you exercise outdoors, go for a walk or jog. For this, you will require special shoes, with good support. Sneakers are great for walking, but for jogging, you'll need running shoes that provide the necessary support.

    Warming up and cooling down

    It is necessary to warm up and cool down.  Warming up helps to get the joints flexible and relieve muscular tension, preparing you for the physical activities ahead. Warm up for five minutes with light exercises, like neck and arm rotation, moving shoulders up- down, knee and sideways bend. Stretching exercises can be done as part of a "warm-up" routine before your main workout.

    warm up exercise

    Even before getting out of bed in the morning, you can begin your day with a few stretching exercises. Stretch your body while resting in bed. As soon as you get out of bed, stretch your arms and body upwards, as if reaching for the ceiling. Then, let your entire body relax by letting the body flop and completely loosening up, arms hanging limply by your sides. Cool down now by taking a  brisk two-minute stroll or repeating the same warm up exercises you did earlier.

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    Involve In Other Physical Activities

    There are many physical activities you can be involved in. Walking, jogging, cycling, skipping, and other physical activities are only a few examples. Even dancing is a great way to get some exercise. In fact, dance routines have been included into many exercise programmes. 

    There are various advantages to having an organized programme under professional guidance. These are usually programmed to improve bodily function. It begins with light workouts and increases to more strenuous ones. This ensures that the body becomes accustomed to physical exercise and there are no strains on any area.

    Many medical clinics have introduced tests to measure an individual's ability to undertake a specific programme.  Generally, such programmes focus on exercises that follow a rhythmic motion, such as stationary cycling or treadmill walking. You can also do stretching exercises and those in which the joints are helped to stay flexible. If you haven't been exercising consistently, you should avoid doing too much in one session. Gradually increase the amount of time you spend exercising, giving your body time to adjust.

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    Relaxation Is Also Necessary

    shahnaz hussain relaxation

    Relaxation is also very beneficial. Massage, in fact, aids in the relaxation process. In the winter, it is believed that a massage with mustard oil is excellent. Use warm mustard oil for this. It will help you get adequate Vitamin D if you can have the massage in the sun. Both activities and relaxation are essential for good health in winters.

    Regular exercise not only benefits the figure, but enhances the health of the skin and hair, by supplying more oxygen to the tissues. As a result, the physique appears and feels young. All of this has a direct impact on one's self-esteem, which is boosted significantly.

    We hope this guide will help you keep fit this winter season. Shahnaz Husain is a well-known beauty and wellness expert. She is also the Chairperson of Shahnaz Husain Group Of Companies. 

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