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  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 27 Jan 2022, 17:43 IST

Rashmi Rai's Journey To Becoming Google's Top Fitness Influencer

Rashmi Rai plays many roles. She is a mother, influencer, and trainer. Let's quickly take you through her journey.
  • Administrator
  • Editorial, 27 Jan 2022, 17:43 IST
rashmi rai journey fitness influencer

The stronger the urge, the farther the mind goes to fulfill it all. It is those minds which instead of looking for options, make a choice and stick to it. Well, these are the minds of achievers, and they know well how and when to accomplish it all by giving in all they own. The same is the story of Rashmi Rai, who, at the early age of 25, went through a lot of turbulence that affected her physical and mental health at large.

She was devastated but losing hope was not what she aimed for. Probably this is why she, as of today’s date, has been recognized by Google Top Fitness Influencer. Her name is known for her contribution, efforts, and positivity she spreads around while she continues to share her journey with women around the world instead of stopping and taking that leap.

Rashmi Rai's Journey

Rashmi, as a mother, an influencer, and a trainer, has covered a long journey. For her, it was her after pregnancy period that made her realize the importance of mental and physical health and made her join the gym. She says, “I was quite excited to begin a new phase. It was going to be my first experience at a gym, and by all means, I was all in to try it all. However, something happened which surprised me. I realized that for the women, there was only Cardio. All I wanted to know was why? I wanted more, and my inclination, it did shift towards the section of handling weights. I was all in but was the trainer? Nope. This is where I knew I had to do something.”

rashmi rai influencer

Well, an act gives a thought, a thought reaches to an idea and this idea, it brings in the consequences, the results of which are totally unpredictable, but for a mind which wishes to try, it will never back out and neither does it get scared. The same was the case with Roshni, who once inclined towards weight training, started falling in love with it more and more. For her, it gave her a way to feel stronger, inside out. It gave her that urge to reach out to people, especially women, and educate them so that none could say to them, for women, it's just the cardio.

rashmi rai fitness inspiration

For a heart that tries to find the way, they do it on their own, and so did Rashmi, without being dependent. Her urge, instincts and passion made her use social media, i.e., Instagram, to the best possible. It was about time, and with time, she became one of the top fitness influencers, and people started recognizing her name and face around the world. It was quite a journey, but there was no stopping for anything anywhere as for a pause brings in a pause, and to have it, her heart didn’t permit. This is how people start to know their worth, find ways, and this is how Rashmi paved her way towards being a healthy mom. She did her best so that the ones who trusted her could get the best. She practised, learnt and shared. For her, “You can never Pour from an Empty Cup”, and she for sure didn’t wish to be that.

rashmi rai inspiration

Like said above, people find ways. Just like Rashmi did, there are many out there who are trying to make their way, and it is people like Roshni who motivate them to take that step which they miss on to due to either reason. Important is, “To stay focused on what the focus is." This is what brings in consistency, and this is what helps to achieve the aim. So, for all those out there, “Take a leap if you wish for now, but once you start, do not procrastinate. Just be you. Who cares what the world thinks and what the set boundaries demand? Find happiness and stick to it.”


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