There must be a lot of things that we learnt between 2010 to 2020. But if there is one thing that the past decade will be remembered for, then it has to be for health and fitness. More and more people followed diets, tried different sorts of exercises and hit the gym to get into the shape.

While before 2020, all this was more or less like amazing trends, the past year, being fit and following a regimen became a necessity. It happened due to the current pandemic of the novel coronavirus. Everyone still wants to boost their immunity and to not get bulky at homes. 

All this enthusiasm to look toned gave birth to several fitness regimens that remained the talk of the town for one reason or the other. Take a look at some of the most popular ones, and who knows, perhaps you would like to follow them again to improve your health in the coming year! 



First in the list is Pilates, something that was majorly discussed by Bollywood celebrities. From Janhvi Kapoor to Sara Ali Khan, all the trending divas do Pilates to stay in shed extra kilos and stay in shape. It simply is a method of exercising, where you practice low-impact flexibility and muscular strength, along with endurance movements. It helps you to maintain proper postural alignment, core strength and muscle balance. 

Core & Functional Training

The past decade we all were way more obsessed with flat midriffs. No one wanted to carry fat bellies that somehow kept them from wearing fabulous couture or looking athletic. So, people worked on their abs and packs, by focusing on the muscles in the torso that supported the spine. This helped in maintaining stability and balance. 



Zumba still happens to be one of the most favourite types of workout for ladies, working out while breaking a led on their favourite songs, helped Zumba to emerge as loved Latin-inspired workout. There are many dance forms that together make Zumba routine complete, such as salsa, tango, bachata and flamenco. All you need to do is stay active on some upbeat Latin or pop music. 

Vibrating Belt

At the beginning of the decade, the craze of the vibrating belt was at its peak. Everyone wanted to get rid of the belly fat, without actually working out. All you needed to do was wear a belt around your belly and as per the claim, the fat would magically melt off. Not only this, but it also promised to cure fatigue, remove toxins, increase muscle tone and much more. While the love how popular it became, there was only one problem that it hardly had any positive outcome. 



CrossFit training garnered popularity for toning up your complete body by being a mixture of gymnastics, weightlifting, pullups and callisthenics. Unlike older days, there are now many CrossFit gyms (exercises to do on the first day of the gym) in India, given the increased popularity of CrossFit. Many celebrities are also a huge fan of this exercise form, as asks fan to go for it to get into the shape. 

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Yoga is said to be originated in India, but it wasn’t as loved as it became in the past couple of years. Thanks to Prime Minister Narendra Modi many initiatives, we know celebrate the International Yoga Day with great enthusiasm, with almost the whole nation participating and making efforts to become healthy. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that yoga has now become a fitness staple in India. 

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