Probably the most difficult thing to make a kid do on its own is exercise. If a kid is adamant, then the efforts which go into making him ready for exercise increases many folds. Kids too need some kind of physical exercise in their routine, just like adults. Nowadays, the number of kids going to play has substantially decreased, thanks to the popularity of mobile phones. Kids spend most of their idle time glued to smartphones and do absolutely nothing which involves the body movements.  

This is why it has become all the more important to motivate your kids to indulge in either exercise or outdoor sport of their choice. It might be difficult to get your kids to exercise initially but with the right kind of tricks you can encourage them to plan out a healthy lifestyle. Check out a few tips which will help you in the process: 

Make Exercise Look Fun 


If your kid disregards the exercise regimen, the first thing to do is change its image in your child’s mind. Exclude all the boring exercises from the routine and include those with a fun angle to it. Kids usually like fast-paced exercises, which is why aerobics and cardio should be considered. Try not to introduce yoga to younger kids as they might get bored of it soon enough. Never give weights to kids as they can harm their soft muscles while trying to make a pull.  

You can also plan a dance routine of 15-20 minutes in order to make your kid sweat out in a fun way. 

Set The Right Example  


It is a fact that kids copy what they see. Thus, it is extremely essential to set the right example for them. Tag them along whenever you exercise. Once they notice you doing the exercises and putting in the efforts to sweat out, they will try to ape the same. You can also take the help of your family members and make working out a family event.  

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Never Force 

If you force something on your kids, take a note that they will never follow it. If exercise comes as a compulsion or burden to them, they won’t ever follow it in the long run. You can also use the positive spirit of competition to motivate your kids. Ask your kids to run to the nearest pole to see who runs the fastest. You can also ask them to do jumping jacks to see who stops first and other exercises of such sort. This will automatically make them try harder as both of them would want to be called as champions.

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Set Time Limit For Smartphones 

All of you might be having memories of playing outdoor games as kids. Well, the culture of going out with friends to play is almost on the verge of extinction. With the popularity of smartphones, all a kid wants to do is stay buried in the digital world. In this scenario all you need it to set a time limit on smartphone usage.

Be it playing games on a laptop or watching videos on mobile phones. Fix time slots for mobile phone usage for your kids. Make him promise that if he uses mobile for two hours a day, then he needs to exercise for two hours as well. This habit will not only limit the screen time of your kid but will also encourage him to exercise. 

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Outdoor Sports 


Every kid has his or her favourite sport. Build on this and sketch out a routine for your kid which makes him play that particular sport. Be it cricket, badminton, basketball or tennis, outdoor sports are an amazing way to keep your body fit.  

You can also gift your kid a new cricket bat or new badminton racquets to keep his interest vested in the game. 

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