Get Fit With Zumba Specialist Sucheta Pal

By Tanya Malik24 Aug 2018, 09:43 IST

Today, Zumba is one of the most popular workouts in the world. In India, Zumba Fitness is a huge hit amongst women. It is a full-body workout and helps you burn a lot of calories. Other than helping you lose weight, Zumba also helps in boosting your heart health and makes you de-stress.

In just one hour of Zumba training, you get to travel the world through music. One gets to try out different dance routines while doing Zumba from Tango to Salsa to Bollywood. You name it and the dance form is there! The best part of Zumba fitness is that you can burn around 500 to 800 calories in this hour, depending on the body composition and how much intensity you can push it at. Sucheta Pal, Zumba Global Brand Ambassador for India and the lead Zumba Education Specialist shared with us the three aspects of fitness that Zumba covers:

1. Cardiovascular endurance and strength 

2. Muscular endurance and strength 

3. Increasing the range of motion and mobility 

While the ultimate goal of Zumba is to burn calories but that can't take away from the fact that it is more like a happy drug. A lot of researches say that people are able to overcome problems like depression, anxiety through Zumba and get a new passion for life.