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Why Millennials Are Opting For Pre-Loved Fashion This Wedding Season

Wedding season is here and most millennials are going for pre-loved fashion which is actually quite practical.
Published -22 Nov 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -18 Nov 2021, 17:20 IST
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There was a time when thrift stores and pre-loved shopping was preferred by a small set of Indian shoppers, the bohemian and thrifty. Today, more and more youngsters are embracing previously loved fashion not only for its style and thrift, but also for its sustainability benefits.  


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Over the last decade and especially in the last year, people have become more aware of the environmental effects of the fashion industry, particularly fast fashion, and how their consumption habits impact the planet. As a result, pre-loved clothing is gaining favour with more consumers as they take steps to find more sustainable ways to embrace trends and express their style.

Ms. Anuradha Balasubramanian, Head of Poshmark India Marketplace says, "During the pandemic, convenience and sustainability became increasingly important factors in consumers’ buying behaviour. With the surge in demand for e-commerce, consumers are naturally drawn to shop pre-loved items online as well. Convenience and a wide variety of categories and styles to shop from is encouraging many eco- conscious, value seeking shoppers to turn to online platforms like Poshmark."

Thrift Shopping

jewellery pre loved fashion

Thrift shopping is gaining popularity in wedding buying too. Weddings and celebrations are a great time to indulge oneself and many millennials and GenZ are turning to classy, vintage pre-loved items that connote their style and fashion choices. Thrifting also gives shoppers access to niche and exclusive picks that are one-of-a-kind.

As technology evolves, so do pre-loved fashion trends. Vintage products that are popular or in high demand vary according to market trends and seasons. Winter brings in greater sales of knits, jackets, and sweaters, and summer makes lighter apparel popular. Similarly, the wedding season sees pre-loved, rich, vintage ethnic fabric flying off the virtual shelves; sarees, kurtis, lehengas, accessories and more are highly sought after. As people search for an affordable and fun way to acquire these styles, online thrifting is becoming the go-to choice.

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Ms. Anuradha Balasubramanian also says, "The thrift revolution is no longer limited to tiny roadside stalls in busy marketplaces. It is gaining a strong foothold as an online trend as well. Online resale marketplaces are becoming productive avenues for entrepreneurship, where community members thrive by building a business selling pre-loved fashion and accessories and connecting with like minded buyers." 

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Today, you find everything stylish at a pre-loved marketplace, from a vintage piece to the latest trends, and all at affordable prices. As young Indians become more aware of environmental and social concerns, pre-loved shopping is fast becoming the obvious first choice. Thrifted fashion has its own narrative to tell and there is a growing tribe of consumers embracing that narrative, flaunting their style choices with pride.

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