Go Gaga At Jewellery Trends Of This Wedding Season As Sabyasachi Unveils A Collection Featuring Uncut Cut Diamonds

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a renowned name for bridal couture and jewellery. Let's take a look at his Heritage Jewellery Collection!

Krati Purwar
sabyasachi jewellery trend

In every wedding season, we create a complete outfit for a ceremony. From couture and jewellery to footwear and makeup, brides and bridesmaids decide everything. So why not keep up with the latest jewellery trend by none other than Sabyasachi Mukherjee? This article will let you go gaga on wedding jewellery trends of 2022 straight from the stores of Sabyasachi.

Why Go With Sabyasachi?

Your couture is not enough to complete the look. Whether a bride or bridesmaid, you require jewellery to make the style statement. It adds a regal touch to the appearance and makes you stand out from other guests, and who knows it better than Sabyasachi Mukherjee?

On the Instagram handle of Sabyasachi Jewellery, you can see the Heritage Wedding Jewellery Collection of 2022. From diamond and emerald to pearls and rubies, the collection delivers royal looks that every bride would like to boast. Let's take a look!

Wedding Jewellery Trends Of 2022

Royal Diamond Necklace

The image above is a beautiful necklace of 22K gold and boasts stunning pearls and uncut diamonds. If a bride wears this set, she would need nothing else to don her neck. It will sit on the neck like a choker and cover some parts of the collarbone area. Its polished and finished design can add a plush touch to any outfit for the wedding, sangeet and reception ceremonies.

Stunning Studded Choker

turquoise choker for brides

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Jewellery/Instagram

The image above shows the choker boasting invaluable stones. This heritage piece of jewellery by Sabyasachi will add a royal touch to your look on your big day. Made with 18K gold, it also features sapphires, in yellow, turquoise and pink colours. The neckpiece also has pearls and emeralds.

Statement Necklace

Boasting rubies, pearls, uncut diamonds and emeralds, this is a royal neckpiece that will make every head turn in the wedding. A bride can make a style statement with it, and guests will remember it for decades to come. This piece alone is enough to embellish your neck with royalty.

Refreshing Heavy Choker

heavy choker

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Jewellery/Instagram

Made with 22K gold, the above jewellery is an artistic piece from the Heritage Collection of Sabyasachi. It is studded with rose-cut diamonds, rubies, uncut diamonds and emeralds. This entire collection of various jewellery pieces is enough to don with the bridal lehenga. In future, you can also wear it with sarees. It is one of the best jewellery trend of 2022.

Elegant Gold And Diamond Choker

Moulded with 22K gold, the above Sabyasachi piece features pearls, uncut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds. If you want to keep the minimalist looks, the choker is enough. However, you can also pair this classic jewellery design with a multi-layered neckpiece for a royal appearance at your wedding.

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Regal Multi-layered Necklace

multi layered neck piece

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Jewellery/Instagram

This multi-layered neckpiece by Sabyasachi features rubies, emeralds, pearls and uncut diamonds. With a touch of expensive stones, it is perfect for pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies. You can also wear it with a short necklace on your big day.

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Classic Golden Neck Piece

If you want to stay on the safe side, the best idea is to go with gold-toned jewellery. The above jewellery piece by Sabyasachi features emeralds, diamonds and pearls. The neckpiece above is perfect for post-wedding looks. You can wear it with a saree or banarasi suit.

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