How To Build Future Proof Capsule Closet For 2022

From that elegant black dress to that casual white T-shirt, we give you a guide on how to build your future proof capsule closet.

Kumari Rajnigandha
wardrobe essentials

The one important lesson that pandemic has taught us is to get rid of the flamboyant and invest in the essentials. It holds the most relevance in terms of fashion. While your flashy attires may have been lying around completely obsolete, your essential athleisure clothing are the ones that managed to still hold importance during the covid times. That said, we are certainly not insisting you to ditch all your glamorous attires, we are just nudging you to shift your focus on the much-neglected essentials. Well, in order to build your future proof capsule closet you will need to focus on getting your hands on those classic essentials.

All White Outfit

all white outfit

An all white outfit is super classy as well as glamorous. Depending on how you style it, you can create versatile looks out of a simple white dress. You need not worry about fashion trends if you’ve got a white dress in your wardrobe. This white outfit is going to be your saviour on the days you make last-minute plans with your friends. You won’t have to endlessly worry about which dress to wear if you have invested in a classy white dress. While choosing your perfect white dress make sure that you pick quality fabric. The fabric is of utmost importance when it comes to buying that timeless white dress.

A Black Dress

black dress

It cannot be said enough times that you must own a little black dress. In order to build a timeless wardrobe you will most certainly need to have an elegant black dress. Owning an elegant black dress will give you confidence and charisma to strut along the streets in style! A black dress becomes an absolute essential when it comes to shopping for clothing that to befit your future proof capsule closet.

A Denim Jacket

denim jacket

You must totally invest in a good quality denim jacket. Denim jackets are not going out of style anytime soon. Whether in summers or during fall, denims can easily become your saviours without taking away from your fashion quotient.

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A Beige Shirt

beige shirt

Neutral colours are super classy and sophisticated. If elegance and sophistication is the vibe that you wish to exude at all times then buy a beige shirt without thinking. A binge shirt will give you that subtle aura of grace and elegance that you so wish to exude. This classic piece is an absolute must have in your future proof closet. With a binge shirt on, you can ace any professional look with much ease.

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A Simple White T-Shirt

white t shirt

The most versatile piece is a simple white T-shirt. You can do a lot with this piece if you simply know the different ways to style a white shirt. From casual looks to airport looks, with a white T-shirt you are covered to ace most of your fashion looks.

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