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6 Ways To Style Your Tennis Skirt To Amp Up Your Look

Tennis skirts look super cute and uber feminine! Learn how to style these skirts for outstanding looks.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -18 May 2022, 14:30 ISTUpdated -18 May 2022, 14:51 IST
tips to style tennis skirt

For a long time, we've been enamoured with tennis skirts and short pleated skirts or pleated minis, because they're still extremely versatile and attractive!

They're still quite fashionable now! Many influencers still consider them wardrobe essentials. They can be precisely suited, whether it's a sweet style, an elegant style, or sassy style.

Furthermore, the same tennis skirt, when paired with other tops and accessories, or even the same accessories, may easily be styled in a variety of ways to create completely different looks!

What Is A Tennis Skirt?

Tennis skirt

A tennis skirt is a lightweight athletic skirt made out of permeable fabrics that maximises a tennis player's comfort and flexibility on the court. Tennis skirts are usually short (between 12 and 14 inches length) and have pleats to aid mobility. Tennis skorts are tennis skirts with built-in shorts for coverage and functionality. Pleated tennis skirts are stylish off the court in addition to being functional sporting attire. Tennis skirts can be worn in a variety of outfit combinations to create a sporty, preppy, or retro vibe.

Ways To Style Your Tennis Skirt

Here are the ways you can style your tennis skirt in a variety of ways for casual and athleisure looks.

Go The Monochrome Way

Stuck in a rut with your tennis skirts and the same tops? Make a statement with a striking monochrome ensemble. Imagine the impact you could create with bright colours if this trend looked this good in neutrals. Choosing a sweatshirt (no idea how the blacks were so well matched) might give you a more comfortable look while revealing a little skin between the single tone can let you savour the waning days of summer.

Tank Top

tank top

Tennis skirts are a summer fashion must-have, and they look great with tank tops, crop tops, and sports bras. Contrast colours work well with a white skirt and a colourful or patterned top.

Opt For A Colourblock Look

Ensure that your tennis skirt stands out by opting for the colour blocking technique. Make your tennis skirt the focal point of your ensemble by employing colour blocking to your advantage. Consider lighter and brighter colours for areas you wish to draw attention to. Allow the tennis skirt of a different hue to shine in between your top and shoes by matching them. Match or contrast your accessories with one of the hues for added style points.

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Flaunt Your Sporty Side

Tennis skirts are just as lively and elegant as their more studious pleated cousins when it comes to adding a sports edge to your ensemble. Best of all, you may probably find this Y2K treasure at your local thrift store. Turn the courts into a runway by mixing and matching simple basics with edgy street-style accessories.

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Give Off Cool Girl Vibe

Are you going for a chic girl look? To finish the appearance, add a pair of stylish sunglasses. Or do you prefer sporty chic? An excellent sports bra is a must-have top option in that case. Sweater vests and big blazers are both classic ways to dress up a tennis skirt look. Tennis skirts look uber cool and are a perfect wear if you wish to exude a classy athleisure look. 

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