Being a woman above 40 is not easy. Apart from the various changes that take place inside your body, there are several alterations on the outside as well. The most prominent one is that your skin begins to sag. 

If you are someone who is conscious of the sagging skin and lacks the confidence to expose it, winters are good months for you. Due to the full-sleeved clothes that you have to wear in the winters, there is no chance that your loose skin will be visible. However, in summers, you obviously cannot cover yourself up in full-sleeves. 

To help you out with fashion during summers we have a few tips for you!

Loose Short Kurtas

loose kurtas for women over

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The best part about these kurtas is that they have sleeves up to your elbows. Since they are loose there is enough space for air to circulate. Their sleeve length works perfectly to hide your saggy skin in the arms as well as leave enough scope for air to get in. Moreover, short kurtis are in trend right now! Wear them with jeans and your look will come out to be extremely smart! 


patiaya for women

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This is the best option for summer fashion! A short kurti and flared patiyala are a combination that not only looks beautiful but also feels very relaxing! There will be ample space for your skin to breathe and your loose skin will be well hidden as well! It is a win-win situation with this fashion pick! 

Netted Shrugs 

netted shrugs for women

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It is so hot that you want to wear sleeveless? Your arms sag so much that you are too shy to expose them? We have the perfect tip for you! Wear your sleeveless top and on top of that wear a netted or a lace shrug. These shrugs have a lot of holes through which the air can pass and are very light as well. Due to this, even if they touch your skin, you will not feel hot! They are the perfect summer sleeveless hack!

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Mom Jeans

mom jeans for women style tips

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What is the point of naming these jeans mom jeans if moms can’t wear them? Are you someone who feels extremely hot and sweaty on their thighs? Wish you could wear shorts but the skin on your thighs sag way too much? This particular design is the perfect rescue! They are loose, do not stick to your legs, look extremely fashionable and make you feel comfortable! There is nothing as good as comfort fashion and these jeans are just that!!

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Loose Mid-Length Dress

There are several cotton dresses that are trending these days. These dresses are slightly below your knee and above your ankle. They usually have sleeves up to the elbow and a flowy bottom. They will make you look youthful, hide everything that you do not want to be exposed. A perfect dress for an outing in summer, this one is our favourite pick! Smart, comfortable and youthful, this dress will give you the best of all! 

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