Emerald gemstone is a very beautiful precious gemstone. It is green in color and mesmerises every eye that falls upon it. It is known as ‘Panna’ in Hindi. According to Indian mythology, Panna stone is one of the Navratnas (nine gems). Mercury (Buddh) is the planet for which Panna stone is worn. Being a benefic planet, Mercury showers a lot of blessings and good circumstances upon natives. The best metals to wear an Emerald stone in are gold and Silver.

Just like Sonam Kapoor flaunted a beautiful Chopard emerald necklace at the Cannes Film Festival with her Ralph & Russo couture tuxedo, you too should treat yourself to maybe something not so huge but a ring, a bracelet or a pendant as it has a number of benefits. Pankaj Khanna, MD, and Founder at Gem Selections has shared some the benefits of emerald or Panna for better clarity. 

emerald ring

  • Emerald increases intelligence, sharpness and makes the wearer quick-witted. Mercury is a patron of Wit, art, creativity and knowledge and Emerald benefits people who want to receive all these qualities.
  • Emeralds enhance faithfulness and sense of commitment. It sharpens the intellect and improves memory. It enhances communication skills and clairvoyance.
  • Emerald makes one’s trade prosper. For people working in fields like communications, writing, etc. can be greatly benefitted by Panna stone.
  • People working in the Telecom, Broadcasting, connectivity or transmission departments e.g. Telephone, Radio, Railway, and Roads, etc. can receive auspicious results from emerald.

emerald pendant

  • Emerald gemstone blesses its wearer with creativity and innovation.
  • Emerald rings and pendants are very beneficial for people who are in artistic professions like painting, dancing, music, writing, etc. For people with an artistic bent of mind and who wish to pursue their talents, emerald bestows good luck, belief, and creativity. It is very good for people who wish to pursue writing, painting, music, dancing, etc.
  • It gives its wearer the ability to respond quickly and wisely in difficult situations. It blesses them with good reflexes and wit.

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  • Mercury is known as the ‘Vaani-Kaarak’ or the Patron of ‘Speech’. That is why people who have strong Mercury are good public speakers or orators. People who are mentally challenged often have a weak placement of Mercury (Buddh) in their Kundali (birth-chart).
  • Emerald benefits the green coloured organs and tissues in the body, e.g. the blood vessels (veins), nerves, etc.
  • Emerald benefits include marital harmony. So, if your spouse is a benefit or his/her lucky stone is Mercury, then Emerald is a good choice for an engagement ring.
  • It is very auspicious for students. It has a positive effect during Bachelor or Under Graduate and lower qualifications.

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  • Emerald brings good fortune along with proper intelligence and memory power.
  • It is well known for bringing Financial gain to the merchants.
  • Brings success in education and career and helps in increasing wealth and children.
  • Very useful to wear during the major periods of mercury also during the sub-periods of mercury.
  • Gives health, happiness, and success ( The most important need for a fulfilled life ). Brings name and fame too.

Healing Power of Emeralds/Panna:

Emerald crystals emit the green ray, a vibration that will open the heart chakra and draw love into your life. Emerald is helpful for adrenal glands, diabetes, fibromyalgia, headaches, heart issues, insomnia, muscle problems, nervous system ailments, an antidote to poison, epilepsy, joints, nervous system, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, muscular system, soothe eyes, cataracts, infectious illness, rheumatism, diabetes, malignant conditions, lower body temperature, insomnia, immune system, stop unwanted nocturnal emissions, ease paranoia, schizophrenia, any severe mental illness. Emerald is said to align the subtle bodies leading to healing and general wellness.