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Rimmed Glasses Or Rimless; Let's Chat

Eyewear are no longer just an eyesight aid but also a fashion statement. Let's chat; which one is the best!
  • Neha Pande
  • Editorial
Published -09 Oct 2021, 10:00 ISTUpdated -09 Oct 2021, 09:31 IST
rimless vs rimmed glasses

The right eyewear/glasses can make or break your whole look. Glasses are no longer is just an aid to see but now they are more of an accessory for everyone. It can enhance your appearance and your eyesight at the same time. Nowadays there is an eyewear for every occasion; be it a wedding, an event or a party. Especially after COVID, we have to wear a mask everywhere making your eyes the centre of attention and now eyewear is something everyone is dabbling into.

There are two main types of eyewear; rimmed and rimless. These two eyewear sectors have been in a debate since forever. Are rimless glassed better or rimmed; which is the superior type of eyewear. Let’s end this debate once and forever.


Beautifully structured rimless glasses can give you that modern and chic look that you see in Korean fashion. A lot of Korean signers, actors etc. choose rimless glasses over rimmed given its sleek chic look. 

But at the same time rimmed glasses can give a structure to your face, it gives you a cute nerdy look that has caught heat in modern fashion. A lot of people prefer to wear rimmed glasses to emphasise their style and make it stand out in the crowd.

Rimless glasses

Image courtesy; eyebuydirect.com


Rimless eyewear has a weak built unlike rimmed eyewear since it has a basic wire structure to give you that stylishly sleek look. It looks seamlessly perfect but at a cost. Rimmed glasses, due to its rim has a very sturdy structure and is hard to break. Unlike rimless glasses rimmed glasses have a chic look and are very sturdy.

If you are someone clumsy and tend to break things often then rimmed eyewear is definitely for. 

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Both are comfortable in their own sense but it’s on you to find out what you find the most comfortable. If you like to have a bit of weight and the feeling of your glasses on your nose like a warm hug then rimmed glasses is for you. But if you like lightweight eyewear then rimless glasses is for you. If rimmed eyewear is like a tight hug then rimless glasses are like forehead kisses. 

Comfort also comes in style; if you like something seamless and you feel comfortable in minimalistic fashion then rimless glasses are a great option. But if you like something which has a dark academia theme and stands out more then bold rimmed glasses are the eyewear for you.

Rimmed glasses

Image courtsey; etsy.com

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You must have not thought that lifestyle would be on this list; but it is. It is important to take your lifestyle into consideration as those glasses are going to be your best friend for some time if you are using it as both; an eyesight aid and an accessory. 

Rimless glasses are for someone who has an active lifestyle. Since they are light to wear and take up less space than rimless glasses. You can just throw it in your bag or wear them and travel around while being comfortable.

Rimmed glasses are for someone who has a bit heavier so travelling around for hours or even working for a long time can be uncomfortable.

Semi rimmed glasses

Image courtsey; eyebuydirect.com

But if you can’t decide then worry not, we have a solution for that too! Why debate so much when you can have the best of both worlds? Semi rimmed glasses are here to save this endless debate. These, as the name suggests have half a rim while the rest is rimless giving it a chic, trendy and quirky look.

To end this debate we need to stop thinking which is superior but see to our own needs. Which is superior in terms of our needs since everyone has different needs; we can not decide which is better for someone else.


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