Six Yards And 365 Days: Reviving The Love For Sarees

By Tanushree De10 Jan 2019, 17:32 IST

Women all over the world have a special place in their wardrobe for the saree. And showcasing an immense love for sarees is a Facebook group where ladies are posting gorgeous pictures of themselves every day, every hour and every minute, draped in the six-yard wonder. 

Started in 2015 with just 4 members, Six yards and 365 days, is a closed group on Facebook with an ever-growing membership. Their noble cause? To revive the beautiful traditional sarees of India and bring focus to the work of handloom weaving and artisans to encourage them. Today, they boast of having over 30,000 members from all over the world. Sunita Budhiraja, the brains behind the group, says that the group has been able to promote the wearing of sarees not just for special occasions but make it a part of everyday wear. 

Rules To Be Part Of The Saree Gang

  • It is not just about posing a pretty picture in the saree, details should be shared too. In case you do not know the weave name, you can request group members for help.
  • Sharing one fresh picture everyday is a must  and it must be properly numbered. The idea is for group members to develop the habit of wearing a saree.
  • the picture should be of a handloom saree or handcrafted saree only. Non-handloom weaves (crepe, synthetic etc) are not encouraged, unless there is some handwork involved (e.g. leheriya, bandhni, chikankari, hand block print etc.)

The Six Yards And 365 Days group holds offline meetups once in a while to celebrate milestones and shares their saree stories. This group of women is truly proving that the saree is versatile, empowering and will remain an evergreen style statement for years to come.