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As Neha Dhupia Announces Her Second Pregnancy, Learn From Her The Art of Hiding Baby Bump Till Your Announcement

Are you pregnant but don't want the world to find out yet? Learn how to conceal the bump from Neha Dhupia!
  • Riddhi Kaushik
  • Editorial
Published -19 Jul 2021, 12:15 ISTUpdated -19 Jul 2021, 12:43 IST
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Motherhood is a beautiful feeling. Being able to pro-create is not just a gift that God has given us but a gift that we give to the world. The gift of life. As the actress and Roadies judge Neha Dhupia announced her second pregnancy today, we wish her a very healthy delivery and all the happiness in the world!

While Neha Dhupia announced her pregnancy today, did you realise how you were not able to spot her baby bump in all her recent photos? This is the second time that the actress has tricked us with her careful concealing and we can’t help but wonder how! Think of all the times you have gone out with a baby bump and people have stared at it continuously? Or random strangers have stopped you in the middle of the road to ask you about the due date and shared their free advice? While most of them probably mean well, you still rush home to carry on procedures to get rid of the evil eye!

If that does not make you want to hide your baby bump, we have another instance for you. These days, announcing pregnancy has become more of a surprise and celebration than a necessity and formality. It is in trend for celebrities to absolutely take us by surprises by posting a picture with their huge baby bump all of a sudden to announce their pregnancy and leave us bewildered. Why don’t we common people have that power!

Well, we don’t know about power, but we at Her Zindagi believe in making our readers have everything they wish for even in their wildest dreams! If you want to hide your baby bump to protect your baby from evil eyes or to save the news for a big announcement, you do not need magic, you just need the right clothes! 

Wondering what the right clothes are to hide that baby bump? Let us take inspiration from Neha Dhupia!  

Kaftan Dresses For The Win

neha dhupia pregnant dresses one

Image Credit: neha dhupia instagram

The power of a Kaftan top/ dress has been seriously underrated in the fashion world. Be it to hide normal belly fat or your baby bump, a kaftan dress will never fail you! This photo of Neha Dhupia was posted on her Instagram account, merely six days ago. At the peak of her pregnancy, before her big announcement, actress Neha Dhupia had the courage to post this picture without the fear of people figuring out her pregnancy. This kind of fearlessness is only possible when there is a Kaftan top for the rescue!

Loose Tops With Sequins On The Top

when did neha dhupia announce pregnancy one

Image Credit: neha dhupia instagram

If we constantly keep wearing Kaftan tops, even if people won’t find out about the pregnancy, they will surely question our fashion sense. So another way to fashionably hide your baby bump is by wearing a loose top that has sequins on the top. Since the top is plain and loose at the bottom and has a design on the first half, people’s eyes will only be drawn to the first half of the top. Nobody will pay much attention to what lies below and beneath! 

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Loose Kurtas And Palazzos

In another post on Instagram, Neha Dhupia was seen sporting a loose kurta with loose straight pants. You can also wear palazzos to give an overall loose and carefree look. While pairing this outfit, choose dark shades like brown, black or olive green. This will make you appear thinner and it won’t stick to your body as well. 

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Style your Dupatta/Blazer 

A baby bump is not mere belly fat that can be concealed with a thick belt. You would not want to wear something that tight on that area. In order to hide your bump yet be comfortable, you can wear your dupattas in a way that they cover your belly, or wear oversized blazers to hide your belly. You can also opt for oversized sweaters and hoodies. 

The Concealing Pose

neha dhupia pregnancy

Image Credit: neha dhupia instagram

If you are to face a camera at the peak of your pregnancy but for certain reasons not reveal the baby bump you can try these poses(read more on photography poses). First of all, wear any of the above-mentioned outfits. Then place your hands in front of your belly or raise your legs up while posing. Neha Dhupia has pulled off this pose quite a lot of times and it is needless to say how well it concealed her bump!

We hope you learnt how to hide your baby bumps from the pro! If you liked this article, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!

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