It is not just us grown-ups who are worried about their looks. Children today have a mind of their own and they like dressing up. The market for kids' clothing is huge and there is something for all ages, all occasions and seasons. Their clothes in fact are more expensive than our's. It is not just the clothes, it is also the accessories which are important for them. So update your kid's wardrobe for the Summer season and make sure they have the products listed below.

Nino Bambino Cotton Green Stripe Singlet Jumpsuit/Dress 


This cool summerish jumpsuit is a must have in your daughter's wardrobe this summer. Pair it with a matching hat, a pair of sunglasses and breathable footwear, she is sorted! You could also tie her hair in a high pony or a light bun and top it off with a matching hair band to give that chic look. This is a 100 % organic fabric so it is just apt to beat the heat. 

Babyhug Kids Sunglasses Round Shape


A pair of sunglasses is a must for your kid in this dire heat and sunlight. They come in many styles for both boys and girls. Costing just Rs 219, these glasses should definitely be a part of the summer wardrobe as they match all outfits.

Croc's Footwear

breathable footewear

There are several options for kids by the brand that can be bought. From clogs to sandals to breathable shoes, there something for everyone. The brand is well known for providing comfort and they are water-friendly so you do not have to worry about where the child wears it. 

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Nino Bambino's 100% Organic Cotton Reversible Hat


Priced at Rs 399, this hat is a must have to save your kid from intense sunlight. It also serves a barrier between sensitive skin and damaging sunlight. It is 100 % organic and it is reversible with a lain colour in case the print is not going with the outfit of the day. 

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Babymoon Flower Print Baby Headband


If you have a daughter then these hairbands would look super adorable and chic on your child. This pack of 6 is gentle on the skin and the options here match all outfits. It makes for a lovely accessory, nailing the summer look indeed.

So make your kid look cuter and chic, match her or his outfit with yours when going out and take lovely pictures if you love taking pics.

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