5 Items To Steal From Your Partner's Closet For A Trendy Look!

An oversized shirt and a baseball cap can be used as a way to create top-notch casual looks.

Kumari Rajnigandha
tips to style oversized clothes

The pleasure of stealing your boyfriend's favourite piece of clothing cannot be denied. Right now is the perfect time to steal your favourite piece from your partner’s closet. Wearing oversized, large and loose clothes is becoming increasingly popular and we are certainly not complaining about it. Ignore what someone told you about the sleeves being too long and wide. Hunt down your partner’s closet and create messy chic looks or uber cool street looks for the weekend. These 5 items will help you fashionably update your wardrobe with the help of your man’s closet.

If you just know how to style it the right way, then your boyfriend’s clothing items can be extremely beneficial for you too. The fashion trends are changing and shifting towards more comfort and athleisure. Your everyday looks don’t need to be all flashy and gaudy anymore and thank god for that!

To create super stylish everyday looks, you don’t have to go shopping yet again. All you have to do is to sift through your boyfriend’s wardrobe intently. You will be surprised to know all the magic you’ll be able to create just by borrowing your man’s regular clothing pieces.

Oversized Shirt

oversized shirt

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This season, all you'll want and need is a button-down shirt. Button-down shirts are one of those timeless items that never go out of style. Nothing beats a large, dishevelled button down shirt when coupled with a classic pair of jeans. Styling this wardrobe staple is as easy as it can get.

If you wish to go for a casual and relaxed look, you can achieve it perfectly with the help of your boyfriend’s oversized button down shirt. Oftentimes, there’s one clothing item that becomes such a craze that you can’t stop seeing it everywhere you go. In the present times, that one piece of clothing is the oversized button-down shirt. Using these shirts as a layering item is the simplest and trendiest way to wear them. Well, you can pair it over a white T-shirt while leaving the buttons open. You can also tuck a part of the shirt inside your jeans for a messy look.

Round Neck T-shirt

round neck t shirt

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For a unique style, layer your large t-shirt over a loose, silky slip dress with spaghetti straps. Combine this look with a pair of shoes for a casually attractive look. Another option to take the layered style to the next level is by combining an oversize shirt with denim overalls. Whether you choose pant-style overalls or a patterned skirt, this is the essence of casual-chic streetwear style. T-shirts and shorts are a classic combination. It's as though they were made for each other. This one is a casual classic that is cosy, easy, and ideal for a relaxed look this season.

Baseball Cap

baseball cap

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You can wear baseball caps in a variety of ways, ranging from charming to athletic to trendy. Every now and then, we all become tired with our hairdo. What could be easier than slipping on your baseball cap to modify your look? Spring is the perfect time to wear your white baseball cap with sunglasses, a white cosy sweater, and skinny jeans. It makes for an ideal look for casual shopping.

Pairing a baseball cap with denim shorts, a t-shirt, and shoes is a traditional summer wardrobe option. This fun, and laid-back appearance is ideal for outdoor gatherings and dog walks. You may use a hoodie instead of a tee in the spring.

Boyfriend Jeans

boyfriends jeans

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No matter what you call them boyfriend jeans, mom jeans or baggy jeans, they are the hottest picks right now! You can simply pair it up with a super cute top to ace your casual look. Wearing a blazer with boyfriend jeans to work on a relaxed Friday or to a casual brunch with friends will make you standout. If you choose the right fancy shoes, you can even be ready for a date. The secret to putting together a fantastic boyfriend jeans look is to get a jacket that fits perfectly. In fact, you can create varied airport looks with the help of boyfriend jeans.

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Now is the moment to steal this item if you haven't previously done so after a Saturday night in. What we are witnessing is sweatshirts making their way back into the list of trendy attires.The ideal of layering or wearing an oversized sweatshirt is with a skirt.

When you're in the mood for something casual or simply want to run a short errand, oversized sweatshirts are the way to go. This laid-back street style is appropriate for any season and weather.

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Wearing a long, oversized sweatshirt as a dress gives you a cool streetwear appearance. Jeans are always a good choice, no matter what fit you choose. Denim complements the big sweatshirt while also drawing attention to your physique. Pairing it up with torn or acid washed jeans shall add more allure to your look.

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