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    How To Style Your Basic Sweater The Best Way?

    Style your basic sweater these ways and elevate your plain sweater look.
    Published -21 Nov 2021, 13:51 ISTUpdated -21 Nov 2021, 14:06 IST
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    The winter season has arrived, and it's time to dig out our warm, comfortable clothes from our wardrobes. With the coming of winter season, comes a time to experiment with our clothes in order to look fashionable and chic.

    So, for you, we have put together a list of hacks you can try with your basic warm sweater to get the most stylish appearances. Styling the basic sweater will elevate your fashion sense and will wow everyone. So tuck in your plain sweaters in these ways to get the most flattering looks.

    The Classic Half Tuck

    classic half tuck

    The half tuck style is also called French tuck which is a trendy style to style the sweater. Get a french girl chick appearance by trying this trick. 

    Tuck the sweater slightly off-center. This will give a more effortless look. Use one hand to tuck the sweater into your preferred side, and then adjust the rest of the material with both hands, letting your sweater drape down at the sides of the tuck. 

    This look works best with long sweaters.

    The Twist Tuck

    twist tuck

    To get this look, gather the front part of the sweater and twist it around. Now hide it inside your bottom wear. This will add interest to your plain sweater and give a very stylish look.

    Twist tuck can look amazing with white button up shirts which adds a little interest to the look. You will also love it with a simple solid coloured sweater.

    The Back Tuck

    The back tuck is a beautiful way to get a chick and stylish look for this winter season. For this, knot your sweater with a rubber band in the back and then, you can either flip the tail up into the sweater or tuck it inside the back of your bottom wear.

    It gives a pleasant and clean look, front and back.

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    The Belt Tuck

    This is a chic way to wear your sweaters with a dress or skirt. Take a thin belt and put it on top of the sweater. Now pull the sweater over until the belt is fully covered. That's all for a perfect appearance.

    Try this look with a turtleneck sweater over a dress or skirt for the most stylish appearance.  This is the best way to pair a sweater with a dress or skirt!

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    The Side Tuck

    To give your sweater a trendy look, try the side tuck style, which also works well to cover your tummy. To get this appearance, first take a rubber band and gather the sweater from one side. Tuck it in your bottom and Viola. This chic style will look fantastic on you and will enhance your overall appeal. 

    Wear this look on a loose sweater along with jeans or skirts and it will give the best look.

    Try these super stylish sweater hacks for fabulous appearances. Winters are all about experimenting with your fashion, so do it in the best way. 

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