Plunging neck blouses are trending these days. Bollywood divas are donning these necklines like a pro and if you too feel like carrying one of those, this is your guide. A lot of women feel shy wearing a deep neck blouse at weddings. If you want to carry the deep neck blouse with elegance then read the following tips:

1. A lot of women don't have their blouse fittings right. Your blouse shouldn't be too loose or too tight. A very tight blouse will make you feel uncomfortable and make your body look stretched. A loose blouse will keep falling and ruin your entire look. Your blouse should be well stitched, not too tight or loose. It should be comfortable. 

sara deep neck

2. If you don't want to go all out and still carry a plunging neck blouse then keep the design a little toned down so that you feel comfortable and still make a statement with a trendy blouse. 

kiara deep neck blouses

3. It is always a good idea to team your plunging neck blouses with a statement choker or neckpiece. This takes away from the deep neck and draws attention to the jewellery. 

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alia deep blouse

4. You can carry your dupatta on the front. If you are wearing a net dupatta then you can carry it all over.

Two-dupatta outfits are really in these days and if you are a bride, you can carry one on the front to cover up the deep neckline and use the other one pinned with your hair.

yami gautam blouse design

5. Picking blouses that have intricate embroidery will take away attention from the plunging neckline and make it easier for you to rock the stylish blouse.

deepika plunging neckline

6. If you pick the wrong bra to go with your deep neck blouse then it will all be ruined. This is in case you go for a non-padded blouse. 

kareena deep neck blouse

7. You can also work with your hair when you don a plunging neckline. You can get curls or waves in your hair and set them on the sides to take away all attention from the bust area.

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8. If you want to feel comfortable then make sure your posture is right. Keep your back straight and walk confidently. Don't Miss: Guide To Choosing The Right Blouse Style As Per Your Body Type


Keep all these tips in mind while carrying your deep neckline blouse.