Lohri is one of the most important festivals among the Punjabis and Sikhs. It is celebrated on 13th January every year across the country. Lohri celebrations involve lighting a bonfire, singing folk songs, enjoying delicacies, and lots of dancing. 

The festival marks the harvest season in Punjab. It falls a day before Makar Sankranti, which is another Hindu festival and is considered the most auspicious day of the year. 

Lohri marks the end of the winter season. So, the festival welcomes the sun deity of Lord Sun. The festival is celebrated to thank Lord Sun and mother earth for a good harvest.

Here are some outfits to find inspiration from for your first Lohri celebration! 

Long Anarkali 

You can go for a long Anarkali suit. Prefer going for shades like golden and red, something that looks vibrant and glows your face like a diamond. 

With an Anarkali, you can opt to go for open hair but we prefer them pinned up in the crown area. You can add some hair accessories to complete your look. 

Don’t forget to carry a shawl or a coat as it will be super chilly and you may feel cold. Shawls are something that never runs out of trend! 

Peplum Top With A Skirt 

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A peplum top is a type of top that can be worn as a western as well as Indian wear. You can pair your peplum top with a matching or contrasting skirt. For those who love a ‘chunni’, you can definitely add one to your look. 

You can add a potli bag to your look. They look extremely cute and peppy. 

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Punjabi Suit 

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A Punjabi suit is all you need at Lohri. This is a suit you must-have for this occasion. Pick up your favourite suit and get your parandis girls!

You can throw in some polki earrings but we wouldn’t recommend something on the neck Let the neck sit bare as the chunni sits there. 


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A sharara is never out of season, is it? There are so many different types of shararas that you can explore in a market near your house. With a sharara, you can always opt for jutis. This is one pro of sharara. 

Nobody can really look at what you’re wearing for your footwear if the sharara is long enough to cover your feet. 

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Top And Skirt 

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A top and a skirt are the most loved combo for a festive occasion. You can pair a plain crop top with your most vibrant skirt and add an exquisite piece of junk jewellery to your neck. 

Let your hair in a messy bun and carry a chunni if you like and if the chunni emphasizes your look. Keep the makeup minimal but let the lipstick shine as bold as it can. 

We really hope this helped you gain some inspiration for your first Lohri celebration. Connect with us over our official Instagram page and let us know. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!