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  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial

Tips On How To Keep Your Jewellery Safe And Undamaged

These tips will help you take care of your jewellery and keep it secure.
  • Alice Mary Topno
  • Editorial
Published -21 Mar 2022, 15:40 ISTUpdated -21 Mar 2022, 15:38 IST
take care of your jewellery and keep it secure

Do you ever get stranded with a tangled necklace or cry because your favourite piece of jewellery has lost its luster? This is something that any jewellery enthusiast can understand. However, with a few jewellery hacks, you can simply solve these issues. Keep these clever jewellery hacks in mind. Here are five jewellery tricks to get you started.

1. To Disentangle Chains, Use Baby Powder

Disentangle Chains

Use this simple and effective baby powder hack to untangle your tangled neck piece instead of battling with it. Place the knotted chain on a clean plate and dust it with baby powder to release the knots and make it slick. Then disentangle the chain using a straight pin. The chain should then be washed in lukewarm water with mild soap and dried.

2. Use Clear Nail Polish

Clear Nail Polish

Tarnishing is a problem with costume jewellery. When your jewellery is exposed to external elements such as dust, grime, water, and chemicals, it tarnishes. To avoid discolouration, treat your jewellery and other accessories with transparent nail polish and let them dry. It adds a protective layer to the metal coating of the jewellery, preventing it from losing its brilliance and texture.

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3. Paper Clip Might Help You Fasten Your Bracelet

Fasten Your Bracelet

It's difficult to put on a wrist bracelet by yourself. The opposite side of the clasp slides off every time you try to put it on. Take a paper clip and uncoil it to make the procedure go faster. Thread the paper clip through the bracelet loop, bring the other side up, and tighten the clasp with the same hand that holds the clip.

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4. Cleaning Gold And Silver Jewellery With Kitchen Ingredients

Cleaning Gold

In a ceramic bowl, place silver jewelleryon tin foil. Combine white vinegar, salt, and baking powder in a mixing basin. Allow five minutes for the jewellery to settle before removing it. Place gold jewellery in a bowl with a mixture of club soda and mild detergent for 10-20 minutes to clean it. Remove any leftovers with a scrubber and a towel.

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