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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial

5 Fashion Items You Can Wear Again And Again!

From denim shorts to sleeveless top, here are fashion items you can repeat without looking boring!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -18 May 2022, 18:19 ISTUpdated -18 May 2022, 18:33 IST
clothes to repeat fashion tips

Looking beautiful while remaining comfortable, in our opinion, should be the standard. And if you believe combining the two is impossible, you're dead wrong. Fashion bloggers are the people who know how to live a stylish life without trying too hard. Style and comfort are two things that are extremely essential in the fashion world. The fashion world demands you to keep your looks fresh and new but that doesn’t mean that you need to go shopping every weekend. A true fashionista in real life is someone who can style the same clothes in new ways and find ways to experiment with the same kind of clothes to create fresh looks.

Sleeveless Topsleeveless tank top

Because humidity has arrived, and with it, an infinite amount of perspiration, I'm wearing a sleeveless top. Presenting the simplest approach to dress as little as possible in your stuffy office building while yet looking presentable. Thank you very much.

Simplicity and effortless clothing can be more fashionable than following the latest trends. We all need a vacation from the fashion craziness of wild designs, funky cut-outs, and the latest in trousers, jackets, and tops – especially in the summers.

Denim Shorts

denim shorts

High-waisted denim shorts that are thankfully cut on the longer side, so you won't have to worry about one or both of your cheeks being exposed to the world. 

Do you have a love-hate connection with jean shorts because non-stretch denim is stiff and restricting? Get a pair with a drawstring waist that you can adjust. Game-changing.

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Skinny Jeans 

skinny jeans clothes to repeat

Skinny jeans created from a soft, flexible denim that will make your leggings seem suffocating. Plus, they come in the perfect dark wash – the kind that makes you look put-together even when you're not.

For a night out, a crop top and thin jeans are a surefire success.  If you're going for a more refined style, opt for higher-waisted skinny jeans rather than low-rise ones.

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V-Neck Tee

A V-neck tee in a buttery soft cotton that will make you swoon every time you put it on. Stripes and a crimson lip complete the look. You've just returned from a trip to Paris with a freshly baked baguette in your hand. A v-neck tee looks super casual and cool. If you are in a fix as to what to wear then just pick a v-neck tee. You can wear it with your regular jeans or even your denim skirt. 

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