Holi Festival

nachos for kids recipe

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These Nachos Recipes For Kids Will Be A Hit !

These cool nachos recipes have us drooling so we are sure your kids will love them too! So let's get started.

people playing bhasma holi in varanasi

Society & Culture

Bhasm Holi Of Banaras: Where Holi Is Played With Ashes Of The Dead

Gulal, gubbare, gujiya and pichkari are the things that make us all excited for Holi. But have you ever heard about holi being played with ashes? That’s Banarasi holi for you!

holi safety tips for a happy holi

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The Ultimate Holi Safety Tips Guide You Need

Holi is a festival of fun, colours and freedom. But it's important to take care of yourself to ensure that ‘Rang mein bhang na ho jaaye’. Here are some no-nonsense safety tips for a happy holi!

gujiya recipes with a twist

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Holi Special: Gujiya Recipes With A Twist

What’s the one thing that we look forward to on holi besides going crazy with colours? Yes, it’s taking bite after bite of delicious gujiya. Bored with the classic gujiya recipe, then give it a twist!

lathmaar holi of UP

Society & Culture

Happy Holi 2019: Watch The Lathmaar Holi Of UP

Holi is just one festival of colours but celebrated across the country in myriad ways, each more interesting than the other. Watch this video to know about and witness the interesting tradition of Lathmaar holi.

recipes staple thandai golgappe dahi bhalla

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Enjoy Holi With These Traditional Recipes Of Thandai, Gol Gappe And More!

Basic and staple, these easy to make recipes are a must in most of our households!

holi hair skin


Post Holi, Hair, Skin Hacks: Hair Packs, Desi Ubtans And More

On Holi, we forget our love for those beautiful locks, that cherished mane but post-Holi after the colours set in, our hardcore motive is to get rid of it all. Don't worry a dermatologist is here to help us out with this hair care and skin care tips after the festival of colours ends.

oil waxing for skin


What Is Oil Waxing And Why You Should Get It Done Before Holi

Now there is a thing called Oil Waxing that works great for your skin. Getting oil waxing done before Holi will prevent your skin from getting harmed from all chemical colours. 

chhaas gujiya crab holi

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Give These Holi Recipes A Twist, Make Them Look Exotic!

  • We have been rolling out a lot of Holi recipes but this one is different. These are your recipes with a twist. Make your dishes look more exotic and presentable if you have people coming over. Make them chef in you impress them all.

holi colours removal


Holi Colours On Your Skin And Hair? Get Rid Of Them With These Home Remedies

Along with vibrant colours, the festival of Holi also brings along a lot of trouble for your skin and hair. Holi colours do a lot of damage to your skin and hair. Here are home remedies that will help you get rid of these harmful colours quickly. 

save from weight gain during holi


This Is How You Can Avoid Weight Gain During Holi

Make sure you don't binge and put on those extra calories that you could have easily avoided. Follow these simple tips to make your Holi a healthy Holi. 

sufi saints holi songs aaj rang hai ri ma

Society & Culture

Sufiyo Ki Holi : Aaj Rang Hai Ri Ma, Rang Hai Ri

You may have heard about the famous holi of Vrindavan or Barsaane ki holi but do you know about the Sufi connection with holi?