Here Is How You Can Start Your Own Online Business

By Kishori Sud16 Jan 2019, 18:27 IST

Ever been online wherein people are giving you love advice? They are pushing products and services which are low cost yet with effective solutions or have you ever wondered how to start an e-commerce website? Here is some useful information on how to start an online business. Here are some tips Niluufer Jain, founder at Happy Carrer Project has shared with HerZindagi.

Step 1: Identify The Market, The Product & Service

At most people do is that they identify the products and services first and then the market. If you find there is less competition and you feel that there is an excessive demand for a particular solution, well then that is your queue. This is the market you should enter and provide a product or a service.

Step 2: Marketing, Sales & Promotion

To market yourself, you need to have:

  • Be simple and fluid
  • Have a product which is easy to navigate.
  • The right keywords.
  • Use social media to the best of the capabilities 
  • In today's time, it is very important that you go all out online.
  • Use a plethora of digital platforms to contribute articles, videos or anything that can help your user to come o your website and bring your target audience to the point of sale.

Step 3: Establish Your Credibility As Right Place For Purchase

  • A lot of times people are sceptical going on a new website to make a purchase or even buy a service.
  • Add testimonials, ask your previous customers to write about how their interaction with your website was and more.

Step 4: Follow up With Your Customers

  • Create loyalty programs, wherein you offer discounts and referral programs.

So what are you waiting for? Gey started already and if you want to share something, go onto our Facebook Page and comment!