Start Your Online Coaching Or Teaching Business With These Useful Tips

By Tanya Malik21 Jan 2019, 13:52 IST

If you have a skill set and want to earn money then starting an online coaching or teaching business is the best way. These days everyone is connected well via the internet and it has become easier to reach people. Here are tips from Niluufer Jain, founder at Happy Career Project on how you can start your online coaching and teaching business. 

  • Become an expert for an already existing platform. Your educational qualifications can help you become a teacher at a coaching center. You can help such platforms in different things like development of course content, preparing test material or taking up online examinations.
  • It is not only about coaching someone. If you have a skill set like doing makeup or styling someone, you can always teach it to people. The best way to let people know about your skill is shooting videos and sharing it on your social media handles. When a lot of people start viewing your videos, you can make it a paid content or service. You can then also start your own website.
  • You can also become a consultant on hire or take up small projects with different Indian and International websites. 
  • We hope these tips were helpful for you! If you have any more queries related to this, do share with us.