It is believed that Ayurveda was discovered in India. Given its various benefits, the popularity of ayurvedic ingredients has grown immensely in the past few decades. Almost in every Indian household, you’ll find a couple of ayurvedic elements. While some are to boost health, others are for cleaning or recreational purposes. One such element is valerian root that people prefer to drink by adding into their teas or take in directly as a supplement. This medicinal herb is being used in our country for ages and has amazing wholesome benefits. However, it is not recommended to be consumed while you’re pregnant or breastfeeding your child. Others can have valerian root to deal with problems like: 


Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is becoming common with the changing lifestyle of the current generation. The workload, personal and professional stress, and prolonged screen time are some of the basic reasons that are making more and more people suffering from insomnia. Other than the change in the lifestyle and robust eating habits, one can add valerian roots in their daily diet to treat this sleep disorder. This herb is mostly known as a remedy for insomnia. However, despite its popularity, the health reports suggest that there are very less evidences that it can improve the quality of sleep. 

Heart Diseases 

Heart Diseases

Each and every body organ depends on the heart to function in its full capacity. The blood, which the heart pumps carry oxygen and nutrients we get from the food we eat. Therefore, it is vital that we take care of our cardiovascular health. Valerian root has been proven to treat low blood pressure, fluctuating heart rate, blood lipid levels, and much more. While most of us find ourselves consuming junk foods all the time, the least we can do, especially for the heart, is taking in wholesome elements like valerian root. 

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Hot Flashes

We can’t control having periods every month and likewise, we can’t curb having or not having menopause, along with its side effects like hot flashes. It causes you to sweat more, feel hot at night, and make you feel restless most of the time. Valerian root may play a significant role in minimising hot flashes effect on the body. It will soothe you down and relax the mind



Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we are hearing more cases of suicides, depression, and stress. People are suffering because of various reasons and are not able to take care of their mental health. Since not everyone understands what is depression and how it affects the entire body, it is best to consume elements like valerian root while you feel that you’re overthinking, worrying too much and you’re not able to sleep at night for one or the other reasons. 

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Menstrual Cramps

No one wants to deal with menstrual cramps. The excruciating pain doesn’t let you work or concentrate on anything. But, the good news is valerian root has relaxing properties, which provides relief from menstrual cramps. It effectively lowers the severity of the pain, along with the discomfort of menstrual cramps. Valerian root is a natural antispasmodic and sedative, hence, it suppresses muscle spasms by relaxing it. 

It is also adviced to consult a doctor for better treatment in case of the severity of any such health problems. 


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