The mother nature has blessed us with a variety of foods to relish. These items help us to stay salubrious and provides energy to carry out day to day work. However, for us humans, only staying healthy never felt enough. We also want to look the best and have amazing hair and skin. 

For that, we keep trying various kinds of home remedies and nuskhas. While some of these are made using advantageous beauty ingredients, others are prepared with basic items found in our kitchen. For much-more benefits, we recommend using superfoods. These are not only highly beneficial for your wellness but can also do wonders for your skin! 

Chia Seeds


For glowing skin, the most important thing is the production of collagen. This can happen with the boost if omega-3 fatty acid. The chia seeds, that is also considered amazing for weight loss is packed with this nutrient. Applying it on the face after soaking it in water, or consuming it with your daily meal can change your whole beauty game. Your face will become spot free, with a beautiful glow. 


All the sources of vitamin C are great for the health of the skin. As it is this nutrient that lightens the dark spots and makes your face clear and glowing. Lemon is one of the best sources of vitamin C, available in abundance throughout the country. While in winters you should not actually apply it on your skin directly, you can very much have it with lukewarm water to clear your digestive tract. It will further have positive effects on your skin, by making it clean and clear.



It is always recommended to have almonds daily for better brain health. But, did you know, it is also highly beneficial for your skin? Yes, almonds are packed with different types of nutrients, such as fibre, protein, healthy fats, and vitamin E. These will improve the skin texture, whereas the antioxidants combat the effects of harmful free radicals. 


There is hardly an Indian household where superfood turmeric is not used. It boosts the stamina and has been used as a great beauty ingredient in the country since ages. Turmeric’s antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties are highly effective in bringing out the skin’s natural glow. Applying it throughout the year by making simple turmeric face pack can have various positive effects. 

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Green Tea

Green Tea

Known to be great for weight loss (how to lose 1 kg in 3 days), green tea has many other benefits too. One of them being an amazing source to improve your skin texture. It has polyphenols in it, considered helpful in reducing sebum production. It further assists in acne prevention, making one’s skin look bright and fresh that too without any dark spots. 

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